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Unique and Stylish Chair Inspired by Woman Curves

This is a unique and stylish chair by Vito Selma that inspired by woman curves. It offers a comfortable seating that giving a feeling of coming house like a hug from mother, friend or lover. The legs are made of thin stainless steel to make it looks lightweight and floating in the air. The back […]

white color of matt Unique Chair that Shaped Like Human Body

This is an unique chair designed by Fabio Novembre. This chair has back human body shape, made of molded polyethylene and available in several finishing, transparent polycarbonate, matt polyethylene and in glossy varnished polyethylene. It offers lightness and sensuality design with many colors to choose. for the matt polyethylene it available in white, black, red colors. […]

Comfortable Chair with Unique Legs

This is a comfortable easy chair designed by Andreas Störiko. This chair consist of comfortable chair with backrest and also a footrest. The name is mean “I fly”, showing the lightness that makes a feeling of floating when sit on this chair. The legs construction is made of steel tubing and swiveling aluminum section that […]

bench of Stylish Wooden Bench and Table in Wavy Design

This is a stylish wooden furniture collection by Vito Selma called Baud. It consist of bench and table with glass tabletop. Both bench and table have wavy design with wooden like rattan as the main material, create a form like the wave of water. It shows the smoothness and solidness of water, made as a […]

Stylish Chair Made of Assembled Curved Plywood

These stylish chair’s seating are made of three curved plywood which assembled together, create a corolla-shaped shell. Designed by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz for Colé, these chair is available in natural oak, stained black oak or colored in three versions. Not only the color, the legs also comes in different version. It comes with […]

Comfortable and Soft Armchair like Rug

This is a comfortable armchair made of wool fabric, linen and cotton called PomPon. The wool is waste material from the textile, made it a eco-friendly furniture to use. The production It’s inspired by Designed by CROP, this chair is produced entirely by hand. To make this chair, they inspired by the technique of wool […]

white Foldable Armchair that Can Turn Into Stool

This armchair is a smart idea where you can transform the armchair into stool or footrest. Designed by Kako.Ko Design Studio, this chair has a combination between traditional structural elements and modern design. The result is a uniquely versatile seating. Although it foldable, the seat and backrest is sturdy enough as a comfortable seating. Comes […]

Attractive and Comfortable Armchair Inspired by Anemone

This is an attractive armchair that inspired by Anemone. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for Giovannetti, this armchair is really comfortable to use. It has colorful colors that will give a fun atmosphere. This chair is perfect to relax after your hardwork. Here are some photos of this attractive armchair that inspired by Anemone.

Stylish and Unique Lounge Chair in Classic Design

This is a unique and stylish lounge chair that has a design of classic chair. Designed by Larry Parker, this chair is made of plywood that upholstered by wool and foam. The legs using solid stainless steel base with rosewood feet and rear stretcher bar. It looks really stylish, classic and elegant in modern materials, […]

Unique Chair that Appear from Flat Wooden Surface

This smart design of a unique chair is designed by Robert van Embricqs. This chair can appear from a flat surface of wooden cuts, become a comfortable chair with back, seat and legs for your indoor or outdoor. To make this, the flat surface is cut in several place and pulled up the different beam-like […]