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used Unusual Chair that Must Leaned at Wall

This is an unusual chair by Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard where you must leaned it to the walls or rails in a flat angle to make it useable. With its simple design, two stick with seater in the middle just like a litter, this chair will be easy to bring and save a lot […]

black and yellow Simple Chair in Geometric Form

This is a simple chair designed by Efecan Gürbüz. This chair has simple and geometric design, it looks more like the building construction. Comes in several colors such as black, silver, yellow and blue, allows you to fit it with your interiors color. It’s perfect for your modern or contemporary interior. Here are some photos […]

Relax version of Simple Chair with Cool Legs Design

These are simple chairs that has cool legs style. Designed by Loren Kulesus for designKLYK, these chair created with a lasercut detachable masonite shell that become a mold and fill it with a polyurethane rigid foam. So you only need to assemble the mold and pour the goo into the top. When the foam inside […]

green Simple Cube Side Table that Can Glow in The Dark

This is a simple side table by Rotoluxe that has cube shape. This table not only used as a side table but also can use as a chair. It can glowing in the dark and provide soft and beautiful light. Kvad is comes in some colors to choice such as blue, cream, yellow, gray, red […]

spider legs of Simple Chair with Interchangeable Seat and Back Components

This simple chair is designed by Matthias Demacker. It features interchangeable upholstered foam seat and back components that allow us to mix the color as we like. This interchangeable seat and back also make it easy to replaced when one of the components is damaged, make it can be used in long lifetime. It comes […]

Weird Chair Formed Like Loudspeaker and Equipped with Sound System

This is a weird chair designed by Ministry of Design for Saporiti Italia. This chair is inspired by the form of a loudspeaker with hidden sound system inside the fiberglass structure of the chair to allows user enjoy music from the seat. This is a great combination of chair and woofer with hard fiberglass for […]

Cute Chair that Really Safe for Kids

This cute chair is designed for kids by h220430. Actually this EVA Chair for Kids comes in board shape. To transform it into a useable chair, you only need to rolling up a piece of board and fastening it with a string. When not used you can transform it back to the board form and […]

Unique Polyhedron Chair with Many Hole Pattern

This is a unique polyhedron chair that has many hole pattern designed by anOtherArchitect. HEDRONIC is made based on a simple mathematical process, create a sharp side shape of polyhedron. This chair is made of folded stainless steel that colored in white color and formed with origami-like folding process. The material and the forming process […]

Elegant Spiral-Shaped Chair in Wooden Outer Finishing

This is an elegant chair that combine the original spiral shape and the values of a hug. Called as Hug Chair, it has spiral shape with upholstered seating inner of the spiral allows two people to sit face-to-face, make they closer by physical and emotional. The design create a private space the user, separate the […]

white Modern and Comfortable Garden Daybed that Can Lit On

This is a modern and comfortable garden daybed designed by Vondom. Not only looks modern and comfortable, this daybed also looks stylish with its smooth and beautiful curve. Its form is designed using rotational modeling technology, showing a artistic side of the lounge. This daybed is inspired by simplicity and balance and can be used […]