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A Lounge Chair with Hiding Function

Everyone has those times when they need a little privacy or just a space for completely restraining from others. ADDI ABhas created a longue chair which offers such space to you. The Booth chair is a longue chair completed with a soft hood surrounded the seat. Booth is perfect for that time when you don’t […]

Artistic and Playful Animal-like Chairs

Taipei-based studio Biaugust designhas launched the series of fun furniture in the form of playful chairs. The design of these chairs is inspired by animal features and the creators transformed it into marvelous playful chairs in various animal forms like dog, horse, goat and even a bull-like shape. Interestingly, these chairs do not only provide […]

A Fun and Unique Chair for Football Lover

Emanuele Magini comes with a new smart design innovation. This Italian designer has created a simple chair that allows people to play football on it. The chair, called as Lazy Football chair, is made from metal with simple and functional design. This chair is perfect for those who love playing football yet don’t feel like […]

Simple Chair in Shape Like A Throne

  Sanserif has sent us theirs Valentina Throne Chair design. Description from the designer: A chair that aims to make the user feel like a king on his throne. Valentina, That’s the name of the chair, is indebted to the medieval tradition of high-backed chairs with stylized proportions, but above all, following the trend of […]

Light and Fluffy Chair with Slender Oak Legs

Sancal has sent us photos of theirs new chair designed by José Manuel Ferrero. Description from Sancal: José Manuel Ferrero has reduced the small armchair to its minimum expression. The result: a light and fluffy chair with slender oak legs. The curved shape of the back supports an ergonomic posture and provides a pleasant and […]

Unique Wooden Chair Inspired by A Form of Skeleton

This is an unique chair designed by Gustav Düsing. This chair based on the natural form of a skeleton where there is a central backbone element that become support for the chair. From the backbone there are branches that act as ribs, forming the shape of the chair. The idea of this chair is to […]

deer shape of Unique and Elegant Chair in Zoomorphic Design

This is a great chair designed by Merve Kahraman, an unique chair with Zoomorphic design. This chair inspired by the mythologies of parahumans, makes you look like a half human-half animal when you sit on this chair. This handmade chair available in strong deer and cute rabbit shape. Hybrid chair is beautiful and will elegantly […]

Rocking Chair that Offers You A private Space

Sometimes people needs privacy while reading a book or browsing the internet with theirs gadgets. To provide this needs, a student of Cranbrook Academy of Artdesigned a rocking chair where you can have a “me time” while sit on this chair. This rocking chair provides wings on its side that will give you privacy while […]

Simple and Modern Chair Made of Molded Plywood

This is a simple, elegant and modern chair designed by Lerival, a modification that will give perfect balance than the former Kulms chair. The simple and light-weight make it perfect for your modern or contemporary interior. You can stack it into one if you not using this chair. Kulms 02 made of molded plywood, finished […]

Modern Chair with Wood and Aluminum Combination

This chair designed by Studio DUNNas a homage to the founder of the first independently-powered steam engine, George Corliss. This modern chair shows a great combination between two materials, a maple seat with handcrafted aluminum backing. The connection bring harmonious combination between sustainable and recyclable materials.