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This chair was designed by Andrés Lhima in collaboration with Fernando Landaverde and Zian Fanti. Abrazo, means “hug” in Spanish, comes with a footrest that “hug” the chair when it is not used. This can be achieved by the neodymium magnets it their legs, allowing them to fit each other in a neat way. This […]

Designed by Elena Sidorova, this chair has an unusual design that allows it to transform into a bed. Yeah, maybe not a bed, but at least a sleeping place. To use it as a sleeping place, just unfold the chair and take out the mattress and pillow. The elastic straps used as the base to […]

This is a unique seating that was designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo. It has a shape that looks like two stacking giant pebbles, one made of wood that is stacking on top of the marble “pebble”. Comes in three different sizes and various colors, you can choose the perfect one for you. More description […]

This modern chair was designed by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso. This chair has a unique and modern design that mimic a precious gemstone with its beautiful multi-faceted profile. The upholstery has a gradient color from blue to white that makes it looks like a beautiful sparkling sapphire. More description by Daniel Libeskind: The Gemma armchair […]

Designed by Perch for Thomas Montgomery, this chair was designed for multiple situations. The design allows you to rotate 360 degrees so you can have extra spaces where you can write or put something. You can use it alone like an ordinary chair, or put it together to create a space where you and your […]

Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis, this chair was designed to looks like a cartoon character. The seat was made from elastic polymer that make it soft and comfortable to use. The comfortable seat combined with U-shaped armrest and backrest make it a great chair for both indoor and outdoor. More description by Konstantin Grcic: […]

This is a super minimalist chair designed by Sergei Kotsepup. This chair consist of two metal frames and a wooden plank. The metal frames function as the base and the arms and backrest while the plank functions as a seat. You can adjust the plank seat and move it sideways so it will leave extra […]

Designed by Nendo for Alias, this minimalist chair was made of four aluminum “twigs” and a seat. The twigs have upper parts that can be customized. And for the seat, you can choose the material included wood, plastic, and fabric. With the minimalist design, this chair will be great for your contemporary house. More description […]

This minimalist was chair designed by Henry&Co using a wonderful material that is made from hay bales and grass. The use of these these materials connects between man and earth. Farmers usually use hay bales for a resting place while grass offers a cozy space to sit on warp spring days. Both of them combined […]

Designed by Kaptura de Aer, this chair has a minimalist design in flowing form. It consist of two pieces of bent plywood and connected by sturdy bracket, creating a stylish piece of chair that will be great in your contemporary interior. Description by Kaptura de Aer: Counterpoise is a plywood chair comprising two parts with […]