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Contemporary Chairs that Can Transformed Into A Table

These are contemporary chairs that can transformed into a small table when you need it.Designed by Claudio Sibille, Sensei’s design conceived in terms of space and utility. These multifunctional chairs come in white and black colors in one set. When you need a table, just flip the chairs and join it.

Unique Chair with Hardened Leather as Seating

Looks weird but interesting, this is my first thought when i see this chair. As its name, this chair use hardened leather that made with an old technique for hardening leather in a 100% natural way, a technique that has been used for corsets and armours. Designed by <ahref=”http://www.steenfatt.dk/” rel=”nofollow”>Nikolaj Steenfatt, this chair showing a […]

Unique Chair with Seat and Backrest in Spike Shape

This is a unique chair designed by Alexander Lervik for Gallery Pascale. Its backrest and seat are made of a number of ash rods, like a bed of nails, with the surface that mimics the curve of a body. For the base, he use tubular steel that welded together with a three-millimetre steel base plate. […]

Comfortable Chair that Can Collapse when Not in Use

Bag chair is great for you who need more space in your room but still want a comfortable seating. Designed by James Piatt, this chair constructed with neoprene and bent aluminum tubes. When you not use this chair, it will collapse to save space. You can store it anywhere you want.

Comfortable Seating with A Cozy and Soft Shell

This is a unique and comfortable seating designed by Kumeko, a seating with cozy and soft shell that surrounds the user. The purpose is to make a comfortable and flexible item for relaxing in. It has a soft inner cushion surrounded by a sleeve with integrated belt on the top of the sleeve, allow you […]

Unusual Chair with Wrinkled Paper-like Seat

Look at this unusual chair designed by o4i DesignStudio for Blå Station. Dent chair doesn’t like usual chairs that look sleek and beautiful. It has unique surface that looks like a wrinkled and crushed paper except it made of plywood with traditional moulding techniques. The idea is to mould a double-curved 3D surface out of […]

Eco-friendly Chair that Made of Scrap Tyres

Do you worry about our environmental lately? Such as how people still use materials that hard to become disintegrate like plastic. Based on similar idea, this chair made because the environmental dilemma of disposing of scrap tyre. It made of a truck tyre that folded and fixed with two recycled wheel bolt assemblies. You can […]

Simple and Unqiue Chair that Looks Like Had Been Cut by A Samurai

This is a simple but unique chair designed by Seo Young Moon. This chair has legs that look like had been cut by a samurai. Made of robust white oak, this chair can hold up to 330 lbs or about 149 Kg. You can see the designer test it below, so don’t worry.

Simple Armchair with Integrated Bookshelf

A comfortable armchair and bookshelf combination is a great furniture that will not only save space in your room, but also give an easy access to your favorite book. Designed by Alisee Matta and Giovanni Gennari from Nobody&co, this chair is great for people who love to read. Bibliochaise is made of painted wood for […]

Unique Chair with Integrated Magazine Rack

This is a unique and unusual chair designed by Seung Han Lee. The idea is to combine a magazine rack and chair into one multi-functional, space saving design. You can store your magazine by hanging them open on the rails. You can hang the magazine at the last page you read so you can continue […]