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Pentagonal-shaped Chair for Your Personal Space

Named as Quiet, this chair offers you a personal space where you can feel protected and cozy, almost immune to the outside world. Designed by TILT, Quiet has an enclosing form that can be either a chair or a booth depending on need. You can have a private and peace space for resting, reading, or […]

Modern Chair Inspired by Snowberry

This chair is designed by Nataša Vukosavljević and Nebojša Gornjak for Yonder Magnetik, inspired by snowberry plant. SNÖBÄR itself is Swedish word for snowberry. Its frame is made of oak, a hard and resistant wood, which contrasts soft berry seating shape. You can use it anywhere from bedroom to a garden, providing a comfort chair […]

Unique Chair That Looks Like Flat Painting

This is a unique chair designed by YOY. This canvas shaped chair looks like an ordinary painting, allows you to save more space when not used. Canvas made of wood and aluminum is covered by an elastic fabric printed with texture of a canvas and a drawing of chair. You can place it against a […]

Beautiful Armchair in Dress-like Design

June armchair is a beautiful armchair designed by Lisa Hilland. This chair consists of metal skeleton that holds a textile covering, creating a beautiful dress-like design. This chair can be used as indoor or outdoor furniture. Place it in your room to add more feminine and elegant effect.

Unique Design of Foldable Modula Chair

This is a unique chair designed by Natalia Romanova. The main idea of this chair is 3D pattern which can be combined in groups, folded and unfolded. When not using it, you can fold it and store it or just hanging it at your walls. It can become a unique decoration for your walls. And […]

Simple Chair in Heel-like Design

This is a simple but interesting chair designed by Japanese studio Nendo for Moroso. This chair has unusual back legs that connected to the backrest, give the chair the silhouette of a spike heel. Simple, modern and interesting, a nice chair for your modern interior.

Modern Rocking Chair for Young People

This is a modern and attractive rocking chair designed by Seden Craig. This rocking chair designed not for old people but for people who have a young soul. The Skeleton Rocker was designed to be a modern, attractive rocking chair. “This is not your Grandfather’s rocking chair”. The skeletal design was inspired by slatted furniture […]

High Chair that Designed to Grow with Kids

This is a high chair designed by Rimarket & Gigodesign called Froc. Froc was designed to grow with kids, it means you can adjust its footrest, seat, and backrest to make it fit to children from the age of 6 months up to 10 years old. It has a super solid design that offers superior […]

Unique Sculptural Chair in Organic Tangled Roots Form

This is an unusual and unique chair designed by Mathias Bengtsson for MINDCRAFT exhibition. He combines industrial techniques with traditional cabinetmaking methods, creating a sculptural, organic chair that looks like tangled roots of a tree. “Growth Chair simulates natural growth, copying some of nature’s rules and methods. Growth Chair is a ‘digital seed’ that grows […]

Lightweight Chair in Coral-like Surface

This is an interesting chair that looks like a coral from a beach, but it is not. It made from a curious chemical reaction when bio-resin was mixed with waste wood shavings that expand into foam and become a lightweight and mouldable material. This reaction noticed by Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw while looking […]