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This is a chair by Jens Vium Skaarup which will be perfect for you who have a small apartment or love to gather with your friends outside. It will take only a little space when stored and need only a wall when you want to use it. Idea To make a chair for people who […]

Comfortable Chair with Spilled Rug

This is a comfortable chair by Alexandra Kehayoglu and Maxi Ciovich with extended rug from the seat. This chair will brings a unique and warm feel inside your living room. Description from Alexandra Kehayoglu and Maxi Ciovich: In an attempt to mock that line that sometimes lies between art and design we found ourselves with […]

Lambent chair is a weird-looking chair designed by Glen Lewis-Steele, inspired by a collapsible, wooden, giraffe toy. Instead of pushing a button to make it collapse, you need only sit on it to make its “neck” collapsed. This behavior automatically provides a perfect light when you sit on this chair to read a newspaper, magazine […]

This is a unique armchair by CTRLZAK in collaboration with Davide Barzaghi. It has a natural crystal-like form with soft cushions, held together a wooden structures. Nature with its’ astonishing perfect geometry has always been the primary source of inspiration for most forms of creative projects. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-dimensional pentagonal and […]

This is a unique chair by Joana Rita Gomes, inspired by flamingo, a pink bird that looks amazing. Flamingo Chair was conceived from the scratch as final project for an intensive “Rhinoceros3D + Vray” training. About the design, Flamingo is a feminine ergonomic chair, ideal to get your work done more confortably. Featured in polypropylene […]

It doesn’t mean that this chair can sweep around a street and picking trash. This is a project by Studio Swine where they collects and smelts aluminum cans to create a unique and artistic chair. You can see the video here. More information from Studio Swine: Studio Swine has made a mobile foundry that smelts […]

This is a chair by Guido Lanari and Jesica Vicente that inspired by traditional Latin American Carnivals, trying to show the ludic characteristics of these parties. You can see the video here. Inspired by traditional Latin American Carnivals, seeks to reflect the essence of its people: “The warm and festive spirit that identifies them.” These […]

Wamhouse have designed this unique chair called POPRAWIANY. It means “corrected” in Polish.

Unusual Chair with Wings Arround It

This is an Unusual chair designed by FÄRG & BLANCHE. They create this chair to participate in Design [R]evolution, an exhibition at the prestigious Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, France. This chair has wings arround the backrest, creating a unique and interesting appearance. An interpretation of the well known bat-alike aeroplane Avion III, […]

Comfortable Chair with Books and Magazines Rack Integration

OpenBook is a great chair to spend your time reading some books or magazines. This chair offers a comfortable reading space with bookshelf and magazine rack on its side, allowing an easy way to reach your favorite books and magazine. The side magazine rack offering additional comfort, private space, and sound insulation. This chair designed […]