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These are sofa and armchair designed by Alberto Brogliato from plus. It formed like a wiffle ball – a plastic ball with holes on it. Inside these furniture, there is a light to create the glowing light effect. Luminous armchair and sofa deriving from the Airball family. The openings on the surface of the opaque […]

Moss is a furniture collection of seats and low tables designed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group for Giovannetti. It has unique design and pattern that inspired by moss. The moss with its soft and colourfull texture that fits smoothly to the forms of nature, has seduced the pencil of the architect Giancarlo Zema, who has […]

This is a unique armchair designed by Sandro Lopez. It shows the combination between traditional woodworking and the contemporary reality of the digital. The result is this unique-looking armchair which is great for your interior. Finalist in the 2012 “Wood Awards” organized by the Swiss Association of Carpenters and Craftsmen, the concept behind Creek armchair […]

This is a smart use of some objects to create another useful object, in this case is furniture. Designed by Bemo Lundgren, these furniture are made of objects from a farm. From Bemo Lundgren: The project was about transforming objects I found around my dads farm in north of Sweden, and give them a new […]

Look how lovely it is. Redesigned by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac from Fernob‘s renowned “1900” Paris bistro line into a sentiment, a moment, a poem in steel. With the cute and romantic backrest, and the very high protection treatment for outdoors and UV protected against the sun, this chair is perfect for both indoor and outdoor.

Designed by Naveto, this armchair can act as a light source when the night is come. When people sit on it, it looks like they is sit on a cloud of light. Simple, beautiful and light. Switch it on and your room will suddenly come alive with diffused uniform lighting. The scenographic effect has enormous […]

How it feels in a painting? Now you can know it. Frame chair or “Memories Yet To Come” by Slokoski in an extravagant and luxurious chair that will draws the attention of people who see it. Given the right place, illumination and affection, it enlightens any environment either classic, modern or contemporary. Technical Information: Dimensions: […]

This is a colourful and fun furniture designed by Meb Rure. It composed of chair, ottoman and stool and made of recycled silk yarn for the cushions. Colourful and eco-friendly, a great furniture for your house. Fabric waste into the end material. This ecological furniture family consist of chair, ottoman and stool which are made […]

This is a comfortable chair designed by Michele Franzina and Venezia Homedesign Team for DesignYouEdit which allows you to relax or do some work on the same spot. A flexible chaise lounge and an armchair at the same time, that can be used for relaxation or as a temporary workstation. Seat, back and armrest are […]

These minimalist chairs are designed by Davide Conti and produced by Bizarline. Named as Magica and Magica2, these chair show a floating illusion like a real magic. See the video here. Description from Davide Conti: These two sisters, “Magica” and “Magica2, are based on strong and clear concepts: semplicity, basic lines and accuracy. Two ultra-minimal […]