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This is a modern chair designed by ODESD2 based on the thin surface of Richard Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. This kind of structure can withstand heavy loads and still looks great. More description by designer: It is based on Richard Buckminster Fuller’s spherical thin-shell structure, which is used for creating the geodesic domes. As is […]

This is a modern chair designed by Wolf Daniels who inspired by the silhouette of an ostrich. The shape provides a comfortable but strong seating. For more information, you can contact Daniels at lphectr@hotmail.com. More Description by the designer: DESIGN NAME: Struthio PRIMARY FUNCTION: Chair INSPIRATION: This piece is inspired in nature, particularly in the […]

This is a beautiful chair designed by UUfie that inspired by peacock, a bird with beautiful tail. Even tough this chair will use more space than usual chair, it still worth it because its beauty. More description by UUfie: Taking the inspiration from nature. “Peacock” is an expression of trying to capture a natural instance […]

This is a unique chair designed by Benjamin Mahler using dowels as the structure and elastics as the joints. Eventhough it looks frail, this chair is strong enough to support the body of an adult. Description by Benjamin Mahler: This chair is made of several similar modules. They are made by superimposing the dowels in […]

Ventury Design Lab have designed this sculptural chair called SCULPTURE. This chair has a design like a falling ribbon, sleek and beautiful. Perfect for your modern interior.

For you who love art, luxury items and car! This is a perfect combination between antique car with luxury chair. Designed by ZAC Glamour Design, this combination of Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 wings and upholstered chair with Swarovski crystals and LED lights will amazed people who see it. Carved from solid wood hand finished in gold […]

This is a beautiful, modern and stylish chair designed by Andreas Ostwald for Infinity. It inspired by a Japanese character, shaped in beautiful flow that fit perfectly with human body. Callita is made of rigid polyurethane with die-cast aluminum for the base. You can choose between three colors, red, white or black.

KaCaMa have designed this eco-friendly chair that made of recycled polymer cover filled with shredded PP plastic cap. Now you can have a nice furniture while trying to save the world. Description from KaCaMa: a reborn of PP plastic cap into a flexible beanbag chair for living rooms. With the great craftsmanship supported by local […]

This is a great chair for your kids. Designed by Roman Bentley, Aepe chair allows your kids to play with it in the flat form and or sit on it in the chair form. To transform it from flat to chair is easy, just fold the arms and lock then into place. Each color has […]

First thing in my mind was: is this chair can support the weight of human body? And the answer is yes it can. Designed by Carlos Ortega Corkigami is made of four layers of 4mm thick cork, glued and pressed, then shaped to create a shell structure. Description from Carlos Ortega: As we started to […]