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This is a simple chair made of bamboo sheets, designed by NANOIN Design for a comfortable experience of meditation. The shape is designed to provides you a perfect position while meditate. More information by NANOIN Design: A seat were designed for the old way of sitting. People usually use this old way of sitting to […]

This wonderful armchair will make you amazed. It designed by Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche with unusual technique of wood tailoring. The backrest is made of layers of woods, stitched together to create a wonderful pattern. More description by designers: Wood Tailoring employs sewing machine to stitch directly on to the wood in order […]

This is an unusual armchair designed by Luca Binaglia. It consist of an armchair with a rope that attached to the footrest, creating a simple but unique design. When it not used, you can out the footrest back to the chair and creating a cubical and monochromatic pouf. And when you want to use it, […]

This is a unique chair designed by Raul Herrera Téllez from Arquiteknia. It has round and elongated arms with colorful woven fabrics that make it looks like a cheerful traditional Mexican dress. More description by Raul Herrera Téllez: “It was always her, she said, women born”. “Maria” is perhaps the closest name to what this […]

This is a comfortable, sculptural and stylish chair designed by famous architect Tadao Ando for Carl Hansen & Søn. More Description by Carl Hansen & Søn: The Dream Chair by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando is a comfortable and sculptural furniture piece that invites relaxed reflection. Tadao Ando designed Dream Chair as a tribute to Hans […]

Inspired by his childhood memories of a trip to Japan, Loïc Bard designed this simple, modern and organic chair. It has a gaping mouth that can be used to store your favorite magazines. Although it looks simple, but the seating showing a unique and irregular shape.

This chair is designed by Michiel van Gageldonk, shaped like a one quarter of a globe. It made of made of mahogany wood, metal and birch plywood with design that combines characteristics of wood and comfort. Description by designer: In my designs I always try to balance on the edge of raw and minimal, function […]

When we heard about armchair, we usually think about a chair with extra “arms” on its sides. But this armchair by Oleksandr Shestakovych use a real shape of arms. I giggled a little when I see this chair for the first time. It is like having a chair that ask you to hug it, like […]

This is a multifunction chair designed by Artem Kravchenko. This chair is designed for home library or dressing area where sometimes we need to reach higher cabinets. You can transform this chair into a ladder and get what you want easily. More description by designer: “Movy” – comfortable and functional alternative to the stairs or […]

This is a chair designed by Shrestha Kedia to accommodate the body movements while sitting, especially for kids. It inspired by a bellows, resulting a felxible chair to accommodate the movement. More information by Shrestha Kedia: Sitting as an activity is rarely a static one, especially for youngsters and children.Bellow Chair is a chair with […]