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Unique and Comfortable Bent-wood Seating Piece

This is an unique and comfortable seating designed by Matthias Pliessnig called Pinch. Here are description from the designer: Here is a new piece from Matthias Pliessnig. The title is ‘Pinch’ and it measures 58x31x27. The White Oak strips of wood are steam bent using a similar method to building a boat. This piece is […]

Modern and Stylish Bench Made of Bamboo Strip

This is a stylish and modern bench designed by Andrew Williams and Tom Huang. This bench is made to see if the strip making process, originally used in the construction of wooden canoes, was structural enough to be implemented into a seating project. Infinity Bench is made of bamboo strip construction in elegant and stylish […]

First Concrete Polymer 3D Printed Bench

This is a bench by Rael San Fratello Architects, a first concrete polymer 3D printed bench. Seat Slug is designed using modo 3D modelling software. It consist of 250 unique parts that 3D printed using a cement-based polymer. It has beautiful pattern and shape, looks organic and stylish. This bench’s design is inspired by the […]

Contemporary Bench in Concrete and Wood Combination

This is a contemporary and modern bench by Rahim Tejani of Rock Paper Tree. It has a great combination between concrete and wood, create a great piece of bench that can be repositioned in different uses. This bench consist of two concrete side base and three wooden board seating that mounted to the side base. […]

used Unique Bench that Can Transformed with Kinetic Installation

This is an unique bench with seating that can be moved, create a perfect shape to the postures of the occupants using simply their weight as a point of activation for the movement of the sections. The movement can be happen because the kinetic installation called polymorphic. This double-sided bench consist of 119 unique and […]

Unique and Stylish Bench with Twist Shape in The Middle

This is an unique bench by Veronica Martinez, a finalist at the International Urban Design Competition. It has unique and interesting design with a twist shape in the middle of this bench. This twist is used to demonstrate the malleability of HI-MACS®. The shape is inspired by spiral movement, a symbol of the constant movement […]

Sculptural Stacked Wooden Bench in Geometry Shape

This is an unique bench designed by Remy & Veenhuizenfor a high school in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. This bench designed for outdoor use to give the students their own escape area. It made of wooden material that stacked into a random geometry shape, creates a unique form but interesting. The structure is not generated using computer […]

Modern Outdoor Bench with Different Sit Position

This is a modern outdoor bench designed by Michael Koening for Flora. This bench has interesting feature, a combination between lounger and bench that allow you to sit in several positions. One side of this bench has upright backrest that allow you to sit in usual position, while the other side has steep backrest that […]

Modern Bench with Planter that Made of Concrete

This is a modern bench that will provide you a nice natural element while you seat on this bench from the planter. The planter is located at the end of the bench and extended as seating with wooden part at the end. The legs are made of wooden in contrast to the seating. A great […]

Simple Outdoor Furniture made of White Oak

This is simple outdoor furniture designed by Scout Regalia. This furniture consist of bench and table that made of enameled aluminum and American white oak hardwood. It has high durability of tight grain and refined detailing that make this furniture set perfect for indoor or outdoor. Choose the enameled aluminum color by yourself. It provide […]