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Sturdy Terraced Bench in Concrete Minimalist Structure

Designer Lebedev Studiohas created a smart design called Mnogoyarus, a functional bench with multilevel structure like a staircase. Only, this one is constructed in a more simple structure with concrete and sturdy base that is fixed deeply in the ground. Such structure does not only lessen the space used, but also makes the bench stable […]

Contemporary Bench in Wooden Ribs Structure

  DesignByThemhas recently created a unique bench for Sydney opera hall. The piece designed by Stefan Lie is called Ribs Bench as the unique construction of the desk resembles human ribs structure. Such unique structure is created by putting together pieces of curved wood which is made of certified steam-bent hardwood. The result is an […]

Unusual Minimalist Bench for Indoor and Outdoor use

Simplicity-elegance-function is now the main concern emphasized on today’s furniture collection. Following the demand, designer Andrija Vecenajhashas presented an innovative bench design called Mola bench. The design is actually uncomplicated as the bench is assembled of planked woods attached on a hollow concrete base. Interestingly, such design however offers elegant and convivial taste despite its […]

Minimalist Bench Exemplified in Adjustable Double Seat Construction

Design firm RASK has created an innovative seating edifice called Arganda Bench to be shown at DesignEvent exhibition. The Arganda Bench is a modern bench characterized with functional minimalist design which allows you to save spaces in your room. Why? Because its double-seat design allows the bench to extend in length up to double its […]

white Unique Hairy Bench Inspired by Hay Bales

Fabio Vinella Series has sent us theirs new bench collection called Farmer’s Bench. Description from the designer: Original pouf inspired by the hay bales. The design meets the nature shapes with Farmer’s Bench. Ideal for rustic and modern outdoor settings. It is proposed in two colors and eventually in a contenitive version. Materials: Polypropylenic fibre […]

using Smart Outdoor Bench Design that Can be Tilted to Other Direction

This is a smart outdoor bench design by Daniel Pearlman. The idea is based on communication and non – communication between people behavior on public benches. One bench consist of four seats that can be tilted to the other direction. It will allows you to see another views, gives you privacy or just to avoid […]

Natural Bench Design Inspired by Geological Sedimentary Structures

This is an interesting bench designed by Erika Cross Design, a concrete bench that inspired and modeled after geological sedimentary structures. This bench has unique character that allows precipitation gathers and freezes under the seat, thanks to the crystal-like structures like certain volcanic rocks. So during winter there will be icicles clinging like stalagmites under […]

Sculptural Bench in Sexy Curved Shape

This is an unusual bench designed by Kayiwa. JOKI bench has a sexy shape with its curves that contours the human body perfectly. It made of Birch Plywood with length of 315cm, height of 57 cm and width of 105 cm. You can split this bench itu four part of bench to use it individually. […]

front of Unique Bench with Keys of Keyboard on Its Surface

This unique bench designed by Nolan Herbut, bring an unique views into your room. This bench is made of Baltic birch wood with 2000 keys of keyboard on its surface. The interesting part is each key is pressable like the real keyboard and makes a clicking sound when pressed. Unique and fun, this bench is […]

Beautiful Bench that Used as Streetlight

This is a beautiful bench designed by Voda Design, a bench that can be used not only as a bench but also as a streetlight. It use solar panel that installed into the bench case to power the LED lamp. This bench aslo equipped with integrated outlets that can be used as a daytime charging […]