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Unique Bench with Pillow-like Cushions

This interesting bench is designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, showing the illusion of many pillows laying on a bench. They use an Optical Art’s method which shapes, creates, and starting from a plane a three-dimensional optical illusions. The cushions are shaped like pillows that look colorful, increasing the comfort of the seat and make this bench […]

Stylish and Elegant Bench in Dynamic Curvilinear Forms

This is a beautiful, stylish and elegant bench designed by Zaha Hadid for Lab 23. This bench based of the formal language of ice formations created within intersecting glacial crevasses. It acts as an urban sculpture for seating and resting with its dynamic curvilinear forms of softer, fluid and tactile surface. Serac bench is made […]

Unique Bench for People with Different Age

This is a unique bench designed by Lukas Mateja called Life bench. It designed to covers each person needs based on age. “For kids it is a small playground, for adult it is meeting place, for older people it is place where they could sit and rest. Life bench respect these different needs and gives […]

Unique Bench that can Transformed Into A Rocking Bench

This is a unique bench designed by Wan-Chan Joyce Lin, a bench that can transformed into a rocking bench. All you need to do is only pull the sting and it will become a rocking bench. Armadillo made of plywood, polyurethane foam and acrylic fibers. You can use it in your work space when you […]

Modern Bench with Base Inspired by Mountain

A collaboration between Jari Nyman and Olli Mustikainen had produced this simple and modern bench that inspired by mountainscapes. Mägi means “mountain” in Estonian, that is why its base has jagged lines shape that remind of stylized contours of mountainscapes. The base is not only used for a support but also as a storage for […]

Artistic and Unusual Bench Shaped in Unique Handcrafted Metal Bars

Swedish designer Ola Giertz has created what’s called as Thread Bench, a unique piece of bench characterized in fun and playful shape like a tangled thread. What form this “thread” are actually metal bars shaped and bent with handcrafted technique of warm and cold forging; so that each bench will have different pattern. Though the […]

Stylish Bench in Unique Transparent Form

Marek Harmata has designed a modern bench for the park near the Prague ‘s National Library. Slick design is minimalist yet stylish bench in three-legged figure with curved shape; as if it’s a huge claw sticking on the ground. Made of glossy materials, Slick has transparent body revealing its finely formed layer of light purple. […]

Golden Bench Supported With Aluminum Caterpillar Body Shape

British designer Philip Wattshas created this exquisite bench design called Caterpillar bench. This bench is exhibited at the 100% Design, one of the events at the London Design Festival. Just look at the design and you will see why this bench was named so. Elegant, this bench consists of three seats arranged parallel on what […]

Elegant Wooden Table Collection Made of Leftover Materials

It is designer Eli Chissickwho has created such beautiful design of tables made of leftover materials. Each table was made of the same materials including wood, veneer and formica spares. The idea was to make use of seemingly useless piles of scrap which are combined together and resulted in beautiful furniture with artistic combination of […]

Dynamic Bench That Can Rotate Horizontally and Flip Vertically

Designer Attila Jonas has recently finished a creative design of park bench called Bend bench. What makes this bench special is its multifunction feature as the design allows the piece to be rotated both vertically and horizontally, creating different function accordingly. Assembled around a unique frame allows the bench to spin facing any direction. Not […]