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This is a futuristic, modern and unique bed designed by Natalia Rumyantseva that allows you see the “stars” right from the bed. It offers you the sensation of sleeping outdoor. This bed provides lights that mimicking the twinkling starlight with outdoor noise and even scents to create a therapeutic and relaxing space to sleep. Nice, […]

Your kids want a tree house? How about bring the tree house inside theirs bedroom? Designed by François Lamazerolles for MATHY BY BOLS, this bed is a great place for your kids. They can sleep, play, study or read theirs favorite books in this bed.

I still remember playing in my bed and building a tent made of blanket when I was a kid. That bed/tent become an adventurous space with my imagination and a secret base when I secretly read comics(My mom usually mad when she saw me read a comic). And now all that great memories rush back […]

Agata & Arek Seredyn have designed this F&R Bed for Rafa Kids. It consists of two beds, F for children from 6 year old and R for children age 3 or 4 and. These beds provide both sleeping and playing space which will make they happy. Description from Rafa Kids: Do your children share a […]

A crib can be a waste of money and space when your baby start grow up. Maybe you can use it as a storage for another things in your house. But still, it is not a real storage. How about a crib which can grow with your baby? This is Growth-oriented Crib by Shang Zhi, […]

Unique Bed that Made of A Historic Beer Barrel

This is a unique bed made of a big historic beer barrel in Landhotel Beverland. This barrel was built in the 19th century and produced beer for more than 100 years at the local Potts Brewery in North Germany until 1995. A half-circle of the barrel was removed for an opening while a platform was […]

Modern Day Bed in Elegant and Sophisticated Look

Introducing the Zero day Bed, a piece of futuristic looked bed is designed by Fanstudio. This bed may look bizarre compared to other “common” beds. But this bed indeed is uncommon and that is what makes this bed appealing. The Zero Day Bed is a bed that is designed for day use, so you can […]

Modern Bed Made of Cheerful Foam Bars Composite

Designer Francesca Paduano has presented the Cubed bed for Italian manufacturer Bolzan Letti. The design of the bed follows minimalist principle yet without leaving elegance and comfort just as what beds are needed for. Compose of bar-like foams being merged together; the composite makes a minimalist and elegant bed with many color choices from calm […]

Modern Bed with 3D Patterned Cover Made of Thin Wood Pieces

Young designer Elisa Strozyk has created a distinctive piece of daybed with unique look as well as the materials used. The chic appearance of the daybed is characterized by its optical illusion resulted from the three dimensional patterned bed-cover. What’s more surprising is the material used for making this chic cover, that is – wood. […]

A Practical Mattress Which Allow You to Set Bed Temperature

Are you having sleeping problem due to uncomfortable room temperature? Now you don’t need to sweat it because ChiliPad™has been smartly designed. ChiliPad™ is a mattress with temperature control system which allows you to set the desired temperature of your bed. Just by pressing a button, you can set the mattress temperature between 55°-110°F. This […]