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Modern and Smart Bathtub with Inflatable Side

This is a smart and unusual bathtub by Su Pin Chia with inflatable vinyl side that can collapse to provide you an easy access. You can use it as a tub or a walk-in shower. This bathtub also equipped with integrated pump that used to inflates the tub and act as water propeller for the […]

Natural Wooden Bathtub with Trunk-like Tap

This is an awesome free-standing bathtub designed by aLegna. This bahttub has natural design with wooden pattern and trunk-like tap. Laguna Pearl bathtub will make you enjoy your bath time with its warmth and natural sensation inside your bathroom. The bathtub itself has modern, beautiful and ergonomic design, made of ash heartwood veneers that has […]

Modern Bathtub with Customizable Accessoriesa and Attachments

This modern bathtub will be great on your bathroom. Not like usual bathtub, this bathtub has accessories and attachments that can be customized into seating, holder, storage, steps or another thing as you like. Designed by Justin Wagemakers & Blue Sky Design Group, Bathe bathtub is a winner of 2011 Reece Bathroom Innovations Award. The […]

black Natural Stone Bathtub in Contemporary Design

This is a unique bathtub that will bring natural element into your bathroom. Designed in contemporary design by Bathco, this bathtub is made of stone. Using this natural material allows you to feel therapeutic effects from the stones, make you relax and enjoy while taking a bath. The stone’s ability to keep the heat will […]

installed Modern Spa Bathtub with Circulating Overflowed Water Features

Feel the relaxing time when you take a bath with this Arima spa bathtub. Designed by Glass, this bathtub has modern design and can be installed under bathroom floor or free standing upper the floor. This spa bathtub equipped with whirlpool and air pool jets, back and feet jets, a heater, a waterfall and chromotherapy, […]

Sleek and Stylish Bathtub that Will Fit To Your Body

This bathtub looks stylish and luxury with its curve that will fit to your body when you lie inside this bathtub. Designed by Nuvist Architecture & Design, this bathtub will make your bathroom more beautiful while give you a cozy and comfortable bathing time. This bathtub finished in white color and has armrest where you […]

Futuristic Bathtub Design Made of Transparent Blue Acrylic

This bathtub has futuristic design with modern transparent tub that made of high quality 12mm blue acrylic. This bathtub is produced by Korra in 180x93x68cm of dimensions. The design want to show the peaceful sea world. The base is made of fiber glass with skirt edge in graceful and smooth curve line, hold the whole […]

Stylish and Comfortable Bathtub with Backrest

This is a stylish and comfortable bathtub that designed to give a cozy space for couples. Designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri for Antoniolupi, thsi bathtub offers a raised border to give an additional backrest to make you enjoy your bath time. The shiny curved surfaces and sleek finishing show how stylish and beautiful […]

Unique Wardrobe Ideas that Combined with Bathtub

This is an unique wardrobe design ideas that combining between wardrobe, dressing room and bathing space. This unique wardrobe designed by Anna van der Lei, made of larch wood from single larch tree combined with a bathtub. The joints are specially designed to expand when they become wet, while the bath closet is watertight. It […]