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Designed by John Houshmand and identified as Item No. 0273, this table is made of split raw log. It has a simple design but the result is great.

This is a unique and cool side table designed by MANUFRACT®. This handcrafted side table is made of broken pieces of wooden board, filled with resin to fix the wound. The result is amazing, it is like looking at lakes in the middle of desert.

This is a unique and smart design by Marie Hesseldahl. This lamp comes with a clamp that allows you to place it almost anywhere you want. You can attach it on a table, bookshelf, shelf and anywhere else you want. More description by Marie Hesseldahl: A lamp that easily snaps into place wherever you need […]

Designed by Nicole Hone, Darnar Kruy, James Edwards, Nisha Brunt and Reuben Knauf, this chaise lounge was designed based on human postures in stationery activities like reading, using a cellphone or watching television. You can also rock this lounge like a rocking chair, this promotes an increase in oxygen and good blood flow while you […]

Have you seen those unique, big trees on Africa called Baobab? RKNL was inspired by those trees and created this unique and minimalist side table. It comes with three “leaves” where you can put things on it. Interesting isn’t it? More description by RKNL: The BoBo Side Table does not follow the conventional rules. It […]

This is another unique two-legged chair designed by Benoit Malta. It force you to move even when you are sitting. It is like sitting on an exercise ball but on the a wooden chair instead of a rubber ball. This chair stimulates the movement of parts of your body, and makes you to have better […]

This is a modular standing desk that will save spaces out of your workspace. StandCrafted consists of several modules that are arranged in vertical. This arrangement redefine how the traditional table works and change it into a more efficient way. More description by StandCrafted: StandCrafted desks are designed to keep your work environment functional and […]

This is a unique sofa designed by Arkimera. It has two sides where you can sit and use it as a normal sofa and a bench. This layout allows you to save more space in a small room. Arkimera says that “Isolagiorno is a table + sofa, an island at the center of the living […]

This is a unique lamp designed by Sylvie Meuffels for JSPRs. It was made from square steel bars and powder coated in matte black. The shape and the size will amaze someone who see it. You can see the video here. More description by JSPRs: XXL Diamonds designed by Sylvie Meuffels is a sequel collection […]

This is a unique chair with a unique name. It was designed by Carlos Alves Ludovico and made from handcrafted oak and topped off with a mix of natural wool and linen. The woven wool and linen create a beautiful accent that looks great on this chair. To use it, you need to place it […]