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The Ocean Sink is a sculptural washbasin designed by Bandini which reminds the wave movement in its shape. It has two different sizes and colours, shiny black and shiny white.

The Overflow Bathtubs designed by KÄSCH, claimed as “a bath in harmony with yourself and nature.” It designed with the water which flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle and used natural looked material, warped in modern design. The design allowing user to enjoy a visual and acoustic experience during bath, from […]

Colored in blue, the kitchen looks had many color of on it. Actually, there is only two or three color of blue, but it looks different depending on the light. This kitchen designed by Kevin Ritter with soft, cool colors and worn surfaces.

Using of blond walnut wood and free system steel, this kitchen is a contemporary kitchen. The materials makes a combination of comfortable warmth of wood and the reliable strength of steel, makes a sense of a certain elegance that encourages focus on the serious business of cooking.

Until today, the form of the kitchen always changed following the growth of culture and technology. Now to build a modern kitchen, the architect based on triangle principle which declare that the kitchen has three main functions: storage (like a refrigerator), cook preparation and cooking.