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living area use of Artistic Wallpaper in Unrepeated Raw Concrete Pattern

Designer Tom Hagahas created a new design of wallpaper creation called concrete wallpaper. As the name suggest, this wallpaper has the pattern of raw concrete wall resulted from the photography and custom manipulation of walls, raw cinder block walls and even graffiti across Norway. Since it is a result of high resolution photography, no pattern […]

Modern Kitchen Design Featuring a Stylish Bar and a Comfy Longue

Designers from Geometric Designhave recently completed a project they named ParametriX Kitchen. This project includes a stylish interior design f a kitchen for a family in Moscow, Russia. Finished in minimalist yet modern style which rich in geometrical elements, the kitchen design is emphasized on the use of space without alleviating the sense of fashion […]

Creative Bathroom Furniture Featuring Reminder Notes

Thanks to designer Alberto Demel who has presented this creative bathroom furniture plus accessories collection which allow the owner to note memos and ideas on them. The furniture includes a wooden table with faucet bowl on it and a piece of writing board to be placed on the wall. What make it possible to make […]

Mobile Kitchen in Minimalist Modular Construction

Designer Elia Mangiahas introduced Critter, an innovative kitchen design which is so simple and practical. The kitchen set is assembled from modular pieces include a cooktop, sink, garbage disposal and work space. Interestingly, the pieces can be stacked together to create a minimalist kitchen set which can be taken outdoors. Such kitchen set is suitable […]

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with High-Tech Features

Designed in a stylish model, this kitchen looks amazingly simple yet hides high technology devices in it. It is Toncelliwho smartly designed such a modern kitchen set called Eurocucina 2012 Prisma. He knows well what people need in this modern era: simplicity and high technology without leaving aesthetical style. In addition for the high tech […]

An Extraordinary Multifunction Wooden Box in A Loft

Many people have thought to remodel their own house but only a few did it great. The Benoits couple is one of those who have smartly worked on remodeling their own loft into an amazingly well constructed place. Creative minds of Lynda and Peter Benoit from Melander Architectshave created an extraordinary wooden box construction with […]

Modern House Interior Designed for Art Collector

This is a modern house interior designed by Guilherme Torres to participate in one of the most important event of interior design in Brazil, Mostra Black. To makes real sense of the interior he created an imaginary resident named “Mister Black”, a professional, a young art collector, passionate by music and a citizen of the […]

Modern Kitchen with Natural Knotty Pine Surface

This is a kitchen design by Minacciolo, a kitchen with combination of modern and natural design. The metal parts show a modern side of this kitchen whiles the knotty pine surface give a natural and warm effect tor this kitchen. This kitchen shows the perfect combination between that two materials. Natural Skin kitchen is perfect […]

Modern Portable Kitchen System for Indoor and Outdoor

This is a modern kitchen system designed by Kyle Thacker, designed to adapt to a variety of environments. So you can use it both indoor and outdoor. This portable kitchen contains three main elements, the sink/table area, the stove and the storage system. At the main sink area it has an interactive cutting board that […]

Colorful and Artistic Sculptural Stairs in Beautiful Shape

This is a beautiful stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France, designed by Tétrarc Architects. This sculptural stairs shows the artistic elements in this School of Arts in unique and beautiful design. It has colorful lines that construct its surface. It looks like meteor shower but much colorful. The steps colored in […]