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Lauren Jennings has created this wonderful Portal themed bedroom. Portal is a 2007 first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. This bedroom is filled with posters, signs, and familiar objects Portal and Portal 2. If you are a portal fan, this bedroom is a great inspiration for you.

Stairs That Can be Used As Musical Instrument

This is a revamp of late Victorian staircase by David Ross and Leander Angerer. This stairs use floating marble plinth as the first step of this stairs, creating a natural but modern effect to the stairs. The balusters are replaced by tennis racket string, sewed into the handrail. You can pluck it to create a […]

Modern Restaurant Interior with Demolition Theme

Karina Wiciak from Wamhouse have designed this modern interior called Szklarnia. Description about Szklarnia: “Szklarnia” is the fifth and March (2013) part of the collection called “XII”, entirely designed by Karina Wiciak. Usually, restaurant owners care about not having their establishment demolished, but here someone has made quite a mess. At first glance, the “Szklarnia” […]

Beautiful Ceiling Installation Made of Paper Tube

This is a beautiful installation designed by Cristina Parre├▒o Architecture with MIT for the Art Fair ARCO in Madrid. It made of paper tubes that articulate the spatial environment mediating between the art installation and the architectural project in undulating shape. This is a great installation made of a simple material – paper.

Hidden Kitchen with Functional Feature and Modern Design

Maybe you have seen the hidden kitchen by Warendorf. This New Logica System kitchen is another hidden kitchen designed by Valcucine. This kitchen contains complete features that most of professional cook must have such as sink, stove, fridge, countertop, pantry, storage, island, power outlets, equipment and many other things. When you don’t need the kitchen, […]

Modern  Kitchen Design that Can be Hidden

This is a modern kitchen design by Warendorf that will be great for open concept homes and modern lofts. You can hide the kitchen when not used, leaving a neat and warm wall with sprayed rust finish. When you want to cook, just press a button then the 7-meter panel folds open to expose a […]

Unique Kitchen Design that Mimics Swiss Army Knife System

This is a unique kitchen design by Fernando and Humberto Campana, a kitchen design that mimics the way a Swiss Army knife works. Shaping Silestone┬« by Campanas consists of three main spaces with some extensions that can pulled out. These extensions give more spaces for you to place many things. You can find all you […]

Minimalist and Masculine Modular Kitchen Made of Concrete Material

Collaborating designers Martin Steininger and Michael Paar have recently finished working on a furniture project and named it the Heart of Gold, a modern and minimalist kitchen in modular unit. It’s called so because the materials used; the whole unit is constructed of 8mm thick concrete shell next to the dark wood of the smoked […]

Colorful Kids Bedroom Design Featuring Light Decorative Objects

Neopolis has designed a colorful bedroom for kids. It is deliberately designed for a young family with one daughter around three years old. However, the design is also featured some neutral colors like white, ivory and bright wood on its interior in order to anticipate the coming of a second child (boy). The bedroom arrangement […]

Futuristic Looked Kitchen Made of Acrylic Stone

Designer Karim Rashid has recently presented a new kitchen set for manufacturer Aran Cucine called Kook. It is a new brand kitchen made of the extraordinary properties of HI-MACS acrylic stone that is finely and smoothly crafted in beautiful shape that make it looks like a part of space-ship cockpit. Made of 100% non-porous stone, […]