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I love when Wamhouse send their project to us. They have unique designs in a beautiful way. Just like this interior called Myjnia which is designed entirely by Karina Wiciak. It inspired by bathroom, an unusual inspiration for interior isn’t it? But the great part is that she can turn this into a beautiful piece. […]

This modern kitchen designed by Culimaat High End Kitchens with the inspiration of leaf’s natural form. LEAF has an organic form and features complete set of modern appliances. These appliances hidden in clever way, allows for easy access when needed. More description by Culimaat High End Kitchens: An Autumn leaf that drifts through space. Discover […]

This is another great interior design by Karina Wiciak from WamHouse. Sypialnia that means Bedroom, has a beautiful design in feminine pink pastel theme combined with clean white color. This is like a bedroom for modern princess. More description by WamHouse: “Sypialnia” (which in Polish means “bedroom”) is the first project of the “Pastel Collection”, […]

This is a beautiful bedroom designed by Geometrix Design. The wall has a beautiful wavy shape that make it looks sleek and modern. The use of mirror cube as walk-in closet make the room looks spacious while reflecting light from the windows. More description by Geometrix Design: In this project, we applied the principle of […]

Another amazing design by Karina Wiciak from Wamhouse! This last series of the “XII” collection has a unique and wonderful theme of rag-house. The floor covered with large patchwork, gives a unique feeling of walking on a big jeans. More description by Wamhouse: “Szmaciarnia” is the twelfth project of the collection “XII”, entirely designed by […]

This is a design by Kengo Kuma and Associates for Japanese restaurant guide Gurunavi. This information booth and public-relations space filled with furniture and walls that looks like stacked papers, creating a unique and interesting view.

This is an artistic, beautiful and modern interior designed by Zaha Hadid for One Thousand Museum‘s sales center. With the beautiful design and elegant colors, you can see how wonderful it is. Photos by Robin Hill

Szwalnia is another beautiful work from Wamhouse. The design inspired by everything related to tailoring. More description by Wamhouse: “Szwalnia” is the eight design from the “XII” collection. “Szwalnia” (which in Polish means “sewing room”) is a combination of modern design, minimalism, as well as a pinch of magic and fable-like atmosphere. This design was […]

Karina Wiciak from WamHouse have designed this beautiful interior design called Palarnia. More description from WamHouse: “Palarnia” is the seventh and May (2013) design in the collection called “XII”, entirely designed by Karina Wiciak. Palarnia (in Polish means “Smoking room” ) is a place decorated primarily by smoke. It adds mystery to the interiors by […]

accessing pirate ship of Wonderful Kid Bedroom with a Pirate Ship Inside

This is a unique and wonderful kid bedroom decoration with a pirate ship inside the bedroom. The bedroom decorating is inspired to accomplishes a dream for pirate enthusiasts of all ages. The bedroom can be accessed by a slider that accessed through a hole located at a superior floor. The slider bring you to a […]