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Exquisite Architecture Extension to Classic Victoria Villa

Alison Brooks Architects has finished the architectural project to redesign and add possible extension to a classic residence located in Islington, London, UK. The extension includes two sections: one is functioned as home office and the other extension is to extend the living room. What makes this design interesting is its extension concept which takes […]

Modern Villa in Circular Shaped Exterior

Designers from Vardastudio Architects & Designers in Paphos, Cyprus have designed Loukas Residence, a modern home design featuring stylish and contemporary mode that is characterized by circular exterior. This unusual round shape of the villa is also accompanied with outdoor swimming pool in semi circular shape; quite mirroring the image of the villa itself. On […]

Magnificent Villa by the Beach of Lombok Tropical Island

This magnificent architecture called Vila Sapi created by Canadian architect David Lombardi. The building is located in a green environment adjacent to the sea of Lombok, Indonesia. Bringing the concept of “Function over Form”, the villa is finished in surprisingly stylish interior arrangement without leaving its proper functions. Each room from kitchen to home theater has […]

Exquisite Villa Dressed in Natural Timber Element

Creative designer Egeon Architectenhas completed an architectural design project of a house on the Rieteiland-Oost Island in the IJburg residential development in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The strong character of the design is conveyed with natural element of timber wrapping the exterior of the house. Meanwhile, the interior is arranged in minimalist yet modern style with […]

Beautiful Modern Villa on the Steeped Terraces of a Hillside

Haus am Weinberg, an exquisite villa with modern features, as been designed by UNStudio. The architecture is located in the suburbs area capturing the venue between vineyard and cityscape of Stuttgart, Germany. The organization of the inner architecture is determined by the twist lead by a main staircase, creating a diagonal movement whose flow tags […]

interior of Exquisite Villa Redesigned from a Previously Historical Farmhouse

Amazing team work between Jérémie Koempgen Architecture and FUGAhas resulted in this exquisite design of Villa Solaire in Morzine, France. It is unbelievable that this fashionable villa was previously a farmhouse. The redesigning project brings the concept of country in the modern taste resulting in a modern villa without leaving the rural character of a […]

Excellent Villa Remodeling To Sustain Its Connection with the Nature

  Dick van Gameren Architectshave finished the work or architecture called Villa 4.0 in Het Gooi, The Netherlands. The idea is to remodel an existing bungalow built on 1967 that has been radically modified and loose its connection with the landscape. As an attempt to reinstate and thus sustain its connection with green landscape surrounding, […]

Natural Building Marked in Stone Element both Exterior and Interior

Magnificently finished is the Rocky Retreat Two, a villa located in seashore of Aegean Sea, Mykonos, Greece. What makes this building excellent is its design which employed stone as the main element, both for exterior and interior design. The archaic look of the rocky exterior is combined elegantly with modern decorating ideas featuring stone element […]

Round Villa with Beautiful Exterior Design

This beautiful villa is designed by Ciel Rougelocated on a hillside overlooking the coast of Japan. It has round plan with round garden and lounge in the center of the plan. It will give not only great view to the outside of the villa but also insinside. It has green roof that make it looks […]

Three Storey Modern Villa in Waterfront Location

This villa is built on waterfront location in The Hague, Netherlands, by BBVH Architecture. They try to make this villa as water villa with lake views on front of this villa. The exterior colored in black color with strong horizontal lines of cantilevered terraces on each floor. The black color give a strong feeling and […]