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middle zone of Cozy Restaurant Design Like Home

This is a restaurant located in Cadzand-Bad, The Netherlands that has a cozy design and formed like home. The purpose of the restaurant design is to bring a relaxed and kinship atmosphere. This restaurant is filled by white interior and nature elements that adjusted to the views of impressive scenery around the north sea. This […]

indoor bar of Clean and Modern Cafe with Home Style Design

This is a clean and modern external facing food emporium, dining cafe and bar designed by Mim Design. The Capital Kitchen provides a space reminiscent of a modern ‘home-style’ country farmhouse for shoppers around Chadstone Shopping Centre. The interior has a minimal look that blends with a rustic wooden country kitchen feel. The floor using […]

interior of Cozy Cafe with Unique Furniture Design

This is a cozy cafe design that will turn strangers into kith and kin. The interior quite simple, there are no fancy lampshades, mass-manufactured furniture, or unnecessarily printed materials were to be used in its interior, but they focused on delivering an unassuming space that could support Kith’s honest philosophy and ethos. This quaint 28 […]

Vila Giannina Restaurant enterance

The Vila Giannina is an Italian Restaurant located at the ground floor of a residential building at a area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Designed by David Guerra Architecture and Interior, it has the capacity to 300 seats. The interior use the straw, the antique wood, the bamboo, the reed and the hidráulico tile […]

The Taboo is a lounge, bar and restaurant design is inspired by famous night clubs of Paris and New York. It located in Curitiba, Brazil and designed by Guilherme Torres. They totally refurbish the old bar and creating a wider space with contemporary ambiance. They also adding new facade which striking and minimal.

The Au Bien Manger is a restaurant which has elegant design in Lisbon, Portugal. The restaurant designed by ADOC Architects. The wall colored in black while the ceiling colored in white.

The D’espresso Cafe is a small cafe on Madison Avenue in New York City wich has an interior concept of a library which turned sideways. The interior designed by Nema Workshop to build a unique espresso brand and to develop a creative environment that connects to its location on Madison Avenue near Grand Central Station.

The Cafe la Miell located in the city of Niihama in Ehime, Japan and designed by Suppose Design Office. It’s built to accomodate customers of Café la Miell which lacked the space before.