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Classically Affluent of Culture Café

The blend within cardboard, coffee and culture concepts result in a contemporary café in classic taste, L’Atelier Caféin Cluj, Romania. This project is the result of two teams’ smart work. In one side, there are Marius Bocan, Vlad Paul, George Mosoia and the other team involves three architecture students: Dan Paul, Bogdan Goția and Tiberiu […]

Luxurious Restaurant with Lawn and Sky Exposure

Integrated Field has successfully worked on a challenging project to design a restaurant with natural theme. Although the location is surrounded by building which definitely hides the sea panorama, the IF can creatively design a classy outdoor restaurant with emphasis on sky and lawn views. Sited inside a huge lantern-like shape, the lying seats allow people […]

view of Elegant and Luxury Restaurant Interior with Amber Bubble of Light

This is an interior design of a restaurant located on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. This interior is designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. Ciel de Paris restaurant interior has a soft and profound amber bubble of light that makes it looks elegant and luxury. It shows a romantic and beautiful view […]

interior of Modern Japanese Restaurant with Innovative Light Effect

This is a Japanese restaurant designed by Saraiva + Associadosand located in Lisbon, Portugal. Unlike mostly of the Japanese restaurant, Sushicafé Avenida show different interior design by use a modern and distinguishing concept instead of traditional Japanese design. They play the light effect and provide different developed environments like Bar, Sushi Bar, Dining area and […]

Unique Bar With Contemporary and Natural Combination

wNw is an unique bar designed by Vo Trong Nghia, located in Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong, Vietnam. This building show the unique combination between natural and contemporary design. They are using bamboo for the structure, bring natural atmosphere and make this building environmental-friendly. This bamboo structure also drawing cool air from the surrounding […]

Beautiful and Unique Restaurant Built of Bamboo

This is a beautiful restaurant designed by Vo Trong Nghia, located in near Hanoi, Vietnam. Dai Lai restaurant can be used not only as a restaurant but also for events, ceremonies, weddings, etc. The structure made of bamboo, an environment-friendly material, that brings nature atmosphere inside this restaurant. The bamboo structure shaped in half-round and […]

interior of Unique Cafe with Pile of Timber as Construction

This is an unique cafe construction by Kengo Kumathat using unusual construction of ordinary and affordable rectangular timbers pile. The idea is to create an organic and fluid space and bring a building like a forest. To make this they piling up pieces of wood, rather than joining them together. The timber of the construction […]

Unique Bar with Cooper Clad Bar and Stool

This is an unique bar designed by Jenner Studio. This bar is clad using cooper that make it interesting, unique, beautiful and shiny. This bar aslo equipped with cooper clad stool too. It will give a new sensation to the guest. The stool using steel pipe as the frame where the cooper clad while the […]

interior of Modern Restaurant with Green Blocks Interior Theme

This restaurant has unique but modern design with green blocks interior theme. It designed by Golucci International Design, located in Beijing, China. Green color can make the guests relax after tiring day while eat a delicious food. It has beautiful decoration such as the organic decoration on the ceiling. Nice place to hang out with […]

train cabins of Unique Restaurant Interior by Tjep

This restaurant has some interesting interior design by Tjep. This Fabbrica Restaurantlocated in Bergen, The Netherlands. They designed some elements of this restaurant such as the unique and beautiful train cabins. These train cabins is perfect for couple, give a privacy from other people people in front or behind them, make them can focus to […]