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This is a vacation house designed by GLUCK+ as a stairway to the treetops. It provides beautiful views of the lake and mountains in the distance. More Description by GLUCK+: This small vacation house is designed as a stairway to the treetops. Keeping the footprint to a minimum so as not to disturb the wooded […]

This is a refurbishment and extension of Victorian terraced house by Scott Architects. This extension designed in sculptural form, making it looks interesting and wonderful. More description by Scott Architects: The refurbishment and extension of an existing Victorian terraced house within the de Beauvoir Conservation Area. The sculptural form of the rear extension has resulted […]

This is a house designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects for a couple in their thirties and their mother. It has a green integration of concrete planters on the front and back facade. This green feature protect its inhabitants from direct sunlight, street noise and pollution. More description by Vo Trong Nghia Architects: The house, […]

This is a beautiful beach house designed by Longhi Architects in Lima, Peru. This luxury house has extraordinary design both interior and exterior. For you who love something modern and unique, this house will be great for you. Photos by Luis Longhi Traverso

This is a house designed by Anonymous Architects who using a small site to create a cozy dwelling that looks big inside. Most of of the wall inside is not in full height, making the main room looks big. More Description by Anonymous Architects: Starting with an empty lot which was half the size of […]

This is simple house designed by Swatt Miers Architects in in Silicon Valley, California. It consists of three transparent steel and glass pavilions with peaceful and calming nature around it. More description by Swatt Miers Architects: Years ago, when the owner and his young daughter explored the remote hills surrounding their Silicon Valley home, they […]

This is a modern house designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio. It located on the edge of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano, Japan, provides a stunning views for the occupants. You can relax and enjoy the nature around, leaving a stressful matter from your job. More description by Kidosaki Architects Studio: Located on a sloping mountain […]

As the name say, this house looks like a park with a house. Modern architecture with natural element from plants and tree make this house looks beautiful. I bet you want to live in this house. Cluny Park house is designed by Guz Architects for a young family in Singapore. Some description by Guz Architects: […]

Firms leverage flexible architecture for flood-prone areas Whether you live in a run-of-the-mill apartment, an Irish castle, or something that looks like it was designed by H.R. Giger after reading the entire Lovecraft catalog in one sitting, severe water damage from floods can wreak havoc on your home. Flooding is often listed among the top […]

Who needs a big house for a perfect holiday when you can have this lovely cabin. UFOGEL is a small wooden cabin with unusual architecture that brings the beautiful nature from outside to inside. Description by UFOGEL: Explore the difference in our house-UFOGEL in Nußdorf / Debant near Lienz in East Tyrol!Our exclusive and bizarre […]