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The Taboo is a lounge, bar and restaurant design is inspired by famous night clubs of Paris and New York. It located in Curitiba, Brazil and designed by Guilherme Torres. They totally refurbish the old bar and creating a wider space with contemporary ambiance. They also adding new facade which striking and minimal.

The Star House is a beach house that blends with the natural topography of the coastline in Bnaider, Kuwait. Designed by AGi Architects to maximize views to the sea. It divided into three detached dwellings with extensive sea views for each, but provide the privacy from one another.

The La Réserve Ramatuelle is a spa and hotel which provide serenity for the guest, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Located on a quiet hill by the Mediterranean Sea near the legendary village of St. Tropez, this building consist of seven guest rooms, sixteen suites, one thousand square metre spa and other facilities are seamlessly integrated […]

The Casa Ron Ron is a beautiful dream house located in a long narrow field in Costa Rica overlooking the sea, the beach and volcanoes in the distance. This house designed by Victor Cañas Studio and to live outdoors and enjoy beautiful views that surround it.

The Cubo House has a beautiful exterior with a wonderful layout, big bright spaces, clean cut and neatly design. Dersigned by Arquitectura en Movimiento the house located in Juárez, Mexico.

The Valle House is a house which responds boldly to the evident physical and natural conditions of the immediate context, designed by Materia Architecture as a search for an architectural character fed from exercises of contraposition.

Ingleside Branch Library is located on an Ocean Avenue corner lot in San Francisco, California. This building is designed by Fougeron Architecture and Group 4 Architecture, consists of a main reading room, children’s reading room, community room, staff support space and an outdoor garden.

The House KvD is modern building rests between the trees of Teteringen forest near the southern parts of the Netherlands, near a town called Breda. It designed by Grosfeld Van der Velde Architects to bring the beautiful nature inside the house.

The Evelyn Grace Academy is located in the Brixton district of south London, on the strategic location of the site within two main residential arteries, make it naturally lends the built form to be coherent in formation.

The Au Bien Manger is a restaurant which has elegant design in Lisbon, Portugal. The restaurant designed by ADOC Architects. The wall colored in black while the ceiling colored in white.