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Vila Giannina Restaurant enterance

The Vila Giannina is an Italian Restaurant located at the ground floor of a residential building at a area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Designed by David Guerra Architecture and Interior, it has the capacity to 300 seats. The interior use the straw, the antique wood, the bamboo, the reed and the hidráulico tile […]

Vaucluse Renovation front

This is a renovation of an existing house which was originally an 80’s style multi-tenancy building by Bruce Stafford Architects. This project located in Sydney, Australia. The new design maximized dramatic views of the harbor and the site’s natural amenities were. They redesign the house completely from the inside to the outside, only the external […]

apartment filled with natural ornaments living rooms

apartment filled with natural ornaments living rooms This is a 120 squae meter apartment designed by Daria Grigorieva, use the characterizes of Art Noveau style. This apartment located in Moscow, Russia. Most of the interior ornaments are filled by floral ornament, create an amazing views of interior. The atmosphere of aristocratic elegance and romance added […]

Orleans House family room

The Orleans House has a great overlooking to the Cape Cod’s Pleasant Bay, designed by Charles Rose Architects. It designed to be a house that would take in the site’s expansive water views and natural light but would also provide shelter and comfort in the cold months. The house is consist of a main house, […]

Querosene House back view

The Querosene House has a large open space that is straightforward and transparent trough a large windows, landed on 10×40 meters of area. Designed by Brazillian architects grupoSP, this house located in São Paulo, Brazil. Inside the house, one side of the house is contains a parallel free wall which houses a library containing 7,500 […]

Green School in Bali front

This Green School is founded by John and Cynthia Hardy, located in Badung, Bali, Indonesia. This building built to motivate communities to live sustainably. The building is made of bamboo as the material, developed by Meranggi Foundation and PT Bambu. The campus building is consist of classrooms, gym, assembly spaces, faculty housing, offices, cafes and […]

The Ardesco Houses is located in Yalikavak, Mugla, Turkey, designed by Teget Architectural Office for Novron Construction. Built in 3800 m² of area, this house has a modern design with great views.

The FyF Residence is a strange and unusual house located in near by Rosario, Argentina. Designed by P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, it built in 200 square meter area and only has one level. It is a monolithic piece of concrete with subtle inflections that make it looks unusual and even strange as from outside as from inside.

The Maintencillo House is located on the coast of Chile’s Valparaíso Region, designed by Jonas Retamal. Most of the house use wood as the material, but it has modern style on whole of the house.

This large siberian house is designed by Tatiana Rozhkova, made with Siberian firm and quality of pine logs of 260 mm. It is a 640 square meter house located in Novokuznetsk, Russia, and has all modern requirements for comfortable living. The sunlight easily enter into the living room, make it become a pleasant area for […]