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side table of Elegant Restaurant with Luxury Lighting

This elegant restaurant designed by Design Spirits on the fourth floor of the ION shopping center in Orchard Road, Singapore. The purpose of the design is to create a sophisticate, elegant plus the tender characteristic for the restaurant. On the entrance you can see an oyster-like bar and a view of delectable dessert and trays […]

workstation of Comfortable Apartment Interiors with Unique Big Bookshelf

This comfortable apartment is a redesigning project by Studio Guilherme Torres for a young and single entrepreneur of the civil construction area. The request is to make a wide and comfortable apartment, a perfect place to relax and receive friends. The result is this comfortable apartment with unique big bookshelf as the main concept. They […]

Elegant Restaurant that Looks Like Under Big Mushroom

This is an elegant restaurant that has organic design, make a sensation of entering big mushroom. Actually it inspired by the traditional Japanese festival of the Cherry Blossom in bloom called HANAMI, but looks the result become different. Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, they want to give a sensation of dining under the cherry blossom […]

Modern House with Many Open Areas

This is modern house located on Kilrenney Avenue in Los Angeles, California. This house has large windows and sliding glass house that will make a room into open area where it bring the outside elements into inside the house. The the occupants can enjoy the outdoor and landscape when they doing activity inside the house. […]

Cozy House with Beautiful Views in Cliff Side

This is a cozy house that will perfect as a holiday house with a beautiful views to the Muskoka Lakes. This house designed by Altius Architecture in the cliff side with the integration between the surrounding scenery and the natural elements of the house. This house built for a family of four with cozy features […]

back view of Simple and Functional House with Natural Views

This is a simple and functional house that designed to responds the semi-desert climate, the project’s budget and the waterfront context. Designed by CEI Architecture for single-family, this house offers the natural setting of the Okanagan region. It also provide a recreation area where you can sit outside on an upper deck and enjoy the […]

front view of Contemporary House with Green Roof and Unique Light Scoops

This contemporary house looks like a traditional house with nice green roof from the outside. But when you go inside this house, you will see a contemporary interiors of the house. Designed by Ian MacDonald Architect, this house built in 90-acre parcel of rolling farmland. This house surrounded by natural topography and agricultural property of […]

Modern Footbridge Wrapped in Futuristic Spiral Structure

This is a modern footbridge that has futuristic spiral structure design. It formed like wrapped silver cone like in structure, give a modern and elegant sense. This bridge is designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture and built in Madrid, Spain. It has 278 m of length and 5 to 12 m of width. Arganzuela Footbridge designed […]

garden of Modern and Luxury Three-level Penthouse

This is a modern and luxury three-level penthouse designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors. Through this penthouse design, they want to make a new standard in modern urban luxury living. They try to provide an indoor / outdoor flow, an unusual design of building that located at urban space. To make it real, they this […]

Unique Office Building Like Sliced Pieces of Meat

This building is really interesting. Designed by Studio Nicoletti Associati, it looks like sliced pieces of meat. The difference is this building colored in white while meat is red. Used as an office, sales’ showroom and as a landmark for the new established urban centre development. The purpose is to reflect the spirit and the […]