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Incubo is a unique house designed by Maria José Trejos. It was built using 8 shipping containers as parts of its material. You can see the shape of shipping containers in this house, but in modern and beautiful arrangement. It was designed to accommodate many activities like playing, working or sleeping. The glass doors and […]

This house is an amazing combination between classic Victorian exterior and modern interior. It was designed by Gianna Camilotti who turned a beautiful church with Victorian architecture into a modern house. The interesting part is that from outside it still looks like a classic church building with brick as the walls, but inside it totally […]

Maybe you think that war bunker is a weird place to spend your holiday. But it is not if you see this holiday house by B-ILD. They change this small bunker into a functional holiday house where the occupants can enjoy their time. The building is covered with grassy hill and surrounded by an untouched […]

This is a modern house for a family of four, designed by Studio Velocity. This house has 5 large openings that provide an “outside” feeling while you are inside. Even tough it has many large openings, these openings, these openings located in strategic way to provide sufficient natural light and air, as well as scenery, […]

This beautiful house is designed by iSTUDIO Architecture. This house uses exposed brick and stone wall, creating a cool and cozy atmosphere inside the house. The arched walls and ceilings as well as the use of natural colors and materials make it looks like a spa place where the occupants can relax in a peaceful […]

This is a beautiful house designed by Guz Architects that offers beautiful views of green garden. The garden is designed to brings the nature elements inside the house whilst provides privacy from surrounding properties. The pool that filled with water take the main role to achieve this. Surrounded by green garden, the pool creates a […]

This is a unique house designed by Kimihiko Okada. This house has a unique spiral shape an lifted from the ground like a bird’s nest. This design was chosen to fulfill the client’s request to provide a view over the roof, an extra space for extension and another thing. The result is this unique spiral […]

This is a house designed by Modscape, an extreme house that clings to the side of a cliff. They took the idea from the way of barnacles cling to the hull of a ship. The result is a house that looks like a natural extension of the cliff, not something addition that just sitting on […]

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this house is designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects to brings trees back to the city. Each building acts as “pot” that hold the trees as well as accomodates different activities. More description by Vo Trong Nghia Architects: Under rapid urbanization, cities in Vietnam have diverged far away […]

This is a building renovation by Víctor Díaz Paunetto, a renovation to convert old abandoned building into a school room. The interesting part for me is the facade that made of rusty and perforated steel. This facade has a pattern which derived from the abundant and extensive bamboo hedges, creating a sunscreen with shadow like […]