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living room of Minimalist House Interior with Attracting Red Glass Stair Enclosure

The owner of this house ask Arch11 to create an interior that looks minimalist for theirs house. Dominant color of this house is white, but in some place they place contrast color to attracting the views of the occupants. In example they use red glass stair enclosure that looks really contrast to the main color […]

patio view of Two Modern House that Has Same L Shape

These house have same shape in one plot of site. These are L shaped concrete containers that share its patio and give more intimacy between the neighbour. These house are perfect for newlyweds that need the help of theirs parents or theirs relative. So one family can live in one house and other family in […]

Modern Clothing Store in White and Red Colors Theme

This clothing store located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil and designed by David Guerra. It colored in white and red theme that make it clean, light and sexy. The exterior decorated with flower pattern latticework in 40x40cm of size each. In clothing exposition area they used white, silver and dry golden color to give […]

Wooden Coastal House with Floating Terrace

This is a coastal house inspired by the affects of the coastal wind. Designed by Seeley Architects, this house use wood for the main material that give natural views on the house. The exterior made of timber boards that fixed with maritime bronze nails that durable to the coastal condition. It located near Australia’s famed […]

House with Wooden Exterior and Fun Garden Views

This house try to blend to its environment by using wooden panel, give a natural effect to entire the house. This house designed by Sören Hanft and Jens Casper in a large garden plot. at this garden there are mature tree and grass that make it a perfect playing area for your kids. This house […]

exterior of Hotel with Unique Lines Exterior Like Sandwich

This hotel has unique exterior where it formed line by line that looks stacked like sandwich. It use white color for the exterior, showing a contrast with its inner. This hotel provide 248 rooms, three restaurants, three bars and a night club with views to the ocean or to the park. Designed by 3LHD Architects, […]

Modern House Made of Glass and Wooden Materials

This square shaped house will provide you natural elements with its wooden material and the view of trees outside the house. Designed by Parra + Edwards Architects, this house located in Chile, exactly in the middle of grove of elms at the foot of the Andes, La Reina, Santiago. This two level house used as […]

living area of Big Apartment in Futuristic Black and White Color Theme

This futuristic apartment is an apartment remodel by A-cero with a super modern black and white color theme. It dominant in white color with black additional color from the lacquered black wood console and the Ace model couches that upholstered in velvet champagne tone by “A-cero.” This duplex apartment is placed in last two levels […]

Round House with Exterior that Looks Like Spindle

This is a house that located in Vandans, Austria. Designed by Kleboth Lindinger Partners, this house has unique exterior that looks like spindle that not finished. This spindle is made of wooden slats that used to protect the house from weather and prying eyes while create intimacy inside the house. It consist of two level […]

Unique Treehotel that Looks Like A Big Nest

This is a unique idea of hotel where it placed on tree like a little tree house, located in a beautiful village of Harads, approximately 60 km south of the Arctic Circle. The exterior is decorated with branches that make it looks like a big nest. You can’t see the windows from the outside because […]