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Modern Concrete House in The Midst of Trees

Franz House is designed by BAK Architectsand located in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Agentina. It located in 337.50 m2 of area with 86.88 m2 that used for the building. It has unique construction where you can see big tree appear on the terrace through the roof. This house using concrete as the main material, […]

Modern Curch with Unique Roof and Bell Tower

This church really impressive. When you see this church, you will see the modern design that has unique, complex and beautiful shape. Designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au, The Martin Luther Church located in the center of Hainburg, Lower Austria. On front of the church you can see the bell tower that has modern and stylish design, […]

Unique Building with Exterior that Inspired by Crystal

This is a building in India that built for retail precious stones and also accommodate administrative offices. Designed by SDeG, it has shape that follow the shape of crystals. It has windows that stand out and stand in in random, create a unique pattern to the facade. The facade is 75mm thick that made using […]

entrance hall of Modern and Contemporary Office in White Interior

This is an office of ICADE that located in Munich, Germany. Designed by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects, they try to implement the company philosophy,”quality in everything we do,” on most of the interior. The entrance hall showing open character by the bright and elegant white color, give a sense of welcome to the guest. On […]

One Storey House with Simple Concrete Walls and Ceilings

This house looks really simple from outside with walls and ceilings that made of concrete. Designed by A4estudio, this house built in Mendoza, Argentina. The house will show you the simplicity and modern design in one place, make it looks compact in nice combination between raw materials of concrete and the use of modern materials. […]

front view of Simple and Modern Coastal House with Sea View

Look at this simple but modern coastal house designed by Chut Cuerva with Tisha de Borja. This house designed for Chut Cuerva himself and his family, located on coastal area in Batangas, Philippines. This house use white as the main color, make it looks clean and modern. From front view, it looks simple and minimalist. […]

Minimalist House with Extended Garden Spaces

This house designed to create extra garden spaces where you can plant beautiful and refreshing plant, overcome the problem of garden-spaces lack. At car-porch they placed vertical wall planting set and the shrubbery on car-porch roof, make this house looks beautiful. On second floor facade you can see the a layer of planting system that […]

modern House with Concrete Exterior and Stone Base

This is a modern house designed by A4 Estudio. Half of this house based on natural stone base while the exterior wall made of concrete, make it looks plan in natural view. This house designed in purpose as a place where the occupants can make it for relax, shelter, contemplation and work. Most of the […]

Unique White Apartment with Wavy Facade

Japan oftentimes bring unique ideas of new product or building, and most of that looks weird to us. This building is one of unique design of apartment designed by Mejiro Studio named as SMG apartment, located in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. This apartment has unique facade where it formed wavy with big windows. From this windows […]

Simple House for Couple Located on Uneven Site

This house looks small and simple, designed by SPG Architects for a couple. Located on uneven site, half of the house built on raised site and the other on lower site. It provide a pavilion-like room consist of 2-story bedroom zone that linked to the main areas. In the main areas, you can find living, […]