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Unique Highway Rest Stop Building in Ramify Shape Construction

This is an unique highway rest stop designed by J. MAYER H. Architects. They planned to build 20 of this rest stop as a thoroughfare that will run through Georgia, serve as a connection between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey. It has unique construction design in ramify shape. This rest stop […]

Simple and Modern House with Overlapping Volumes in the Cross Shape

This simple and modern house designed by Pedro Reis, located in Melides, Grândola Municipality, Portugal. This house consists of two volumes that overlapping each other, create the shape of a cross. These two volumes offering two different areas where one area is more exuberant and exposed and the other more intimate and contained. The upper […]

Natural House Surrounded by Pohutukawa Trees

This is a house with natural design located in Piha, New Zealand and designed by Herbst Architects. It situated in the middle of mature pohutukawa trees. This house separated into two main area, private and public space. This private space built in two towers design, clad in black/brown stained rough sawn irregular battens. At this […]

Small and Modern Studio on A Rocky Cliff with Ocean View

This is a studio building designed by Todd Saunderslocated on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. This studio situated on a rocky cliff near the coastline, offering a beautiful views of the North Atlantic ocean. Squish studio has a trapezium shape that looks like its back higher that its front from a distant view. Its interior and […]

Lecture Hall Building Built Using Wooden Structure

This is a Lecture Hall Building designed by Deubzer König + Rimmel Architectslocated at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. Because the limited budget and a very short planning and building period, they built it using wooden structure. This building will lasts for 10-20 years. This building has square shape with waving pattern on […]

Natural House with Many Glazed Frames

This is a house designed by Giovanni D’Ambrosio, located in Mount Hotham, Australia. The idea of this house is to make the interior and external spaces as if they were the same. To make this idea true, he use many glazed frames that grant wider external views. He also use natural materials like stone, wood […]

Modern House Inspired by The Formation of Mineral Rock Salt

This modern house designed by David Jameson Architect, located in Bethesda, Maryland. This House breaking the ordinary design of horizontally layered homes with the natural isometric formation of mineral rock salt. Using white as the color theme likes the real rock salt color, this house looks clean, light and modern. Photography by Paul Warchol

Natural House with Elemental Materials Combination

This house designed by Mell Lawrence Architects, located at the end of a road located at the edge of Austin, Texas. It has a wonderful views, provide a restful sanctuary for the owners. Some private facades have a view down to the creek and valley through generous windows and doors, providing great spaces to enjoy […]

Contemporary House with Unique Unfinished Roof

This contemporary house located in Paris, France, designed by Djuric Tardio Architects for a blended family that needs a flexible, modular design and design process. This house has unique roof. Its roof looks like unfinished but actuallyit has specific function. “On the one hand, it takes the archetype of the context, inserting the project in […]

Modern House with Big Shield to Give Privacy

This modern house designed by Studio H:T, an unique house with curve and rectangular shape combination located in Denver, Colorado. They try to juxtaposes a tall, slender curved circulation space against a rectangular living space that give an interesting view from the outside. The shield, tall curved metal wall, give the occupants some privacy from […]