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Classically Affluent of Culture Café

The blend within cardboard, coffee and culture concepts result in a contemporary café in classic taste, L’Atelier Caféin Cluj, Romania. This project is the result of two teams’ smart work. In one side, there are Marius Bocan, Vlad Paul, George Mosoia and the other team involves three architecture students: Dan Paul, Bogdan Goția and Tiberiu […]

Unique House Design in High Class Taste

A typically contemporary house has been designed by OAB. This enchanting building called AA house is located in Barcelona, Spain. With geometrical rules as its basic design, the AA house presents breathtaking futuristic look. The diagonal uneven roof system creates artificial topography with low windowpane in some parts and growing up double the height in […]

Vertically Developed House with Unique Oval Façade

Typically modern house, LVII residential building has been designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento. This contemporary house is located in Mexico City. The designer has smartly made use of the narrow site, developing the house vertically and gave emphasize to LVII on its façade instead. The façade which gives strong character to this unique design is […]

Smart Versatile Interior with Rotating Partitions

A great project concerning in apartment renovation called “Tsao residence – room partitions” has been completed by KC Design Studio. This interior design presented the idea to construct four spaces into one open area using what called as rotating partitions. The first partition is a moving screen which can also be functioned as a TV […]

Luxurious Restaurant with Lawn and Sky Exposure

Integrated Field has successfully worked on a challenging project to design a restaurant with natural theme. Although the location is surrounded by building which definitely hides the sea panorama, the IF can creatively design a classy outdoor restaurant with emphasis on sky and lawn views. Sited inside a huge lantern-like shape, the lying seats allow people […]

night view on Magnificent House with Floating Crown Structure

Amazingly designed is the Ipês house in São Paulo, Brazil. The creative mind of Marcio Kogan‘s has initiated the concrete exposed structure of this luxurious house. Marvelously, Kagan gives emphasize on the upper part of the building, creating radically floating look. The large size of the first floor may make the ceiling looks very low, […]

Smart Home Design Combining Contemporary and Natural Pattern

  Paritzki Liani Architectsworked on a great project designing a woven housing construction perforated by large windows, called Barud House. The design of the house demands creative minds of the architects since the building is located in a coarse terrain landscape. Instead of avoiding the harsh look of the rock, the architects smartly designed glass […]

Stunning House in The Cliff by The Sea

The owner of the Seacliff House must be really satisfied with Chris Elliott Architectswork. The architects remarkably design an excellent house which fit into a very long and narrow site in a cliff by the sea in Sydney, Australia. The design of the house particularly focuses on how the owner can enjoy the breathtaking scenery […]

Magnificent House with Library Function

The wonderful views of Meilen have inspired Bauart Architectsto design a vertically developed residence. With the wide windows, the building is perfect to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Meilen. Interestingly, this house is also ideal for book lovers. All the rooms inside has additional use as library. In consequence, the living room, kitchen and study […]

Convent de Sant Francesc by David Closes

  David Closeshas contributed a great deal to the significantly different look of the Spanish town of Santpedor. He designed a remodel of the Sant Francesc convent building in the town, creating a unique combination of modern exterior stairway and ancient stone building. The modern design of the stairway is really contrast to the faint […]