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Minimalist Office Interior Design Combining Two Companies into One

A minimalist office interior has been designed by ZEST Architecture. Interestingly, this office is purposively designed for two different companies: an architecture firm and an e-commerce business. Hence, the challenge is to provide large open space without losing the openness in limited area. Countering the demand, the architects smartly created a multifunction box that can […]

Remodeled House Combined in Rural and Modern Style

Accepting an order to remodel and expand a common rural house called Saracen Trullo, Luca Zaranolihas created a great architecture work in Ostuni, Italy. The challenge is not only in modifying the vacant house but also to extend it up to triple size of the original exterior which initially less than 40 square meters. Make […]

interior of Deluxe Interior Design Dominated by Peaceful Monochromatic Color

Mim Design with Clarke Hopkins Clarke has presented a brilliant interior design work of RCG Residence located in Melbourne, Australia. Characterized by dominant monochromatic palette the style offers calm and elegant atmosphere. Featuring expensive furniture, the interior sure looks even more luxurious. Some elements however give a really contrastive visage to the peaceful monochromatic interior, […]

Smartly Designed Winery Under The Hill

Beneath the hill of vineyard is a beautifully constructed winery called Chateau Cheval Blanc. Literally translated, Chateau Cheval Blanc winery means winery under the hill as the winery is located on a hill in Saint-Emilion, France. However, the name itself is not enough for describing this smartly design architecture. Seen from afar, the building looks […]

Deluxe Home Design Featuring Natural Exposure Through Glass Walls

Kenneth E Hobgood Architectshas finished a challenging order to design a residence located on a steeply sloping site. This magnificent residence called Paletz Moi house is located in Durham, North Carolina. Fulfilling the demand of clients who are both writers and professors at Duke University, the architecture mainly emphasis is on exposure to the outside […]

Magnificient Architecture Featuring Swimming Pool in The Middle of The House

Stunning SA Residence has been designed by SHATOTTO Architects. This exceptional architecture is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The main characteristic of this design is square concept as the architecture is furnished with square interior here and there. As a plus point, the architecture also fits the green surrounding, creating natural taste of the residence. Equally […]

Natural Building Marked in Stone Element both Exterior and Interior

Magnificently finished is the Rocky Retreat Two, a villa located in seashore of Aegean Sea, Mykonos, Greece. What makes this building excellent is its design which employed stone as the main element, both for exterior and interior design. The archaic look of the rocky exterior is combined elegantly with modern decorating ideas featuring stone element […]

Natural Exclusive Teahouse in The Edge of Pine Forest

Brilliant architects of A1Architectshave presented a classy conventional teahouse located in the edge of pine forest in Ceská Lípa, Czech Republic. Designed in simple yet finely crafted small house, this construction called Black Teahouse perfectly fits to the surrounding natural scenery: green pine forest and S-shaped Lake with grassy banks. In addition for this, the […]

Typically Tropical Luxurious House on Seashore

This splendid house belongs to a family in the tropical city of Cape Town, South Africa. It is the exotic surroundings of Bantry Bay that have inspired SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) and Antoni Associatesto design this beautiful house called the Victoria 73 house. Both parties have smartly cooperated to assemble such a contemporary […]

Natural Minimalist House with Exposed Interior Design

A contemporary stylish house designed for a family of five has been realized by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. Built in the 102-square-meters area, the residence called Outside In is characterized by the use of glass as floor-to-ceiling windows and zigzagging roof facets. Such feature allows the sun brightness to pass through it and hence allows the […]