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Elegant Residence Marked in Stripe Walls of Cubical Exterior

  GAAGA Studiofor Architecture has recently finished a house called the Stripe House in Leiden, The Netherlands. The residence stands elegantly in the urban planning area Nieuw Leyden (phase V). In this private area, clients can develop their own house according to their own style and preference. Stood on a small corner plot near to […]

Elegant Office Building Marked in Curvaceous Opening

The gracefull building called Sunwell Muse Kitasando has been completed by two great designers Takato Tamagami and Tsutomu Hasegawafor a textile planning and trading company. The architecture is located within the Sendagaya neighborhood of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward; standing on over 992 square meters on a 221 square meter corner lot. Just simply look the building […]

Exquisite Residence Emphasizing on its Bound with the Natural Landscape

Fray León house is a brilliant residence as a result of 57STUDIOwork project. The building is located in a district of Santiago, Chile. The site is an ‘H’ shaped plant adapted to the lot with green surrounding featuring well-cared trees. Interestingly, the designer makes use the presence of the trees as a part of design […]

Modular Dwelling System for Extra Room

David Ajasa-Adekunle has created a creative architectural design called Tetra Shed. It’s a piece of dwelling system that can be functioned home office, storage space, playhouse, art studio, workshop or an extra bedroom. Tetra shed is constructed from multiple sheds linked together, creating a stylish dwelling system with minimalist design. Interestingly, this piece can be […]

Meeting Room in Pumpkin Shape Construction

Inspired by Cinderella story in which the fairy transformed a pumpkin into a carriage, David Ho of edg Creativeshas designed a pumpkin room their office in Beijing, China. Functioned as brainstorming room and matching partition walls, pumpkin room is so called because it takes the unique shape of pumpkin. The material used for its partition […]

front view of Minimalist Working Space Made of Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Cabin

Recycling has been a smart idea as an attempt to keep the earth. Such concept has been brought by a Hungarian designer to create a working space made of unused body of an old bus produced by Hungarian bus manufacturers Ikarus. The office cabin is built by cutting the front part of the bus. The […]

Excellent Villa Remodeling To Sustain Its Connection with the Nature

  Dick van Gameren Architectshave finished the work or architecture called Villa 4.0 in Het Gooi, The Netherlands. The idea is to remodel an existing bungalow built on 1967 that has been radically modified and loose its connection with the landscape. As an attempt to reinstate and thus sustain its connection with green landscape surrounding, […]

Nomaden House That Can Walk in Human Pace

Wysing Arts Centre of Cambridgeshire has collaborated with N55 to construct a smart dwelling system that can move by itself. The idea is to provide a living space nomaden with advanced technology features. The design is called the Walking House as the construction is equipped with six legs to walk in human pace. Constructed in […]

Advanced Pavilion Design That Optimizes Solar Energy Occupation

An innovative architectural design has been introduced by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in exhibition event of Smart City Expoin Barcelona, Spain. the designers sure put a lot of hard work in constructing the building called Endesa Pavilion, as the result is not only unique and original in shape but also advance […]

Exquisite Pavilion in Gigantic Legoblocks Construction

  LOOS.FM has created a unique pavilion in the public area for temporary use during Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, The Netherlands. The idea to provide a center of gathering place inspired the designer to construct a church. Only, the church is constructed from huge Legoblocks in the size of pyramid stones. Painted in five colors, […]