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Marvelous Home Design Comes in Bioclimatic Concept

Designer of BAUENhas completed two marvelous homes in Luque, Paraguay. The “Culata Jovai”, literally translated “House of Confronted Rooms”, is a modern architecture bringing the concept of bioclimatic where the inhabitant can experience the harmony of the living space, the topography, the vegetation and the tropical climate. Built in the body of mounting landscape, the […]

Minimalist Interior Design for Small Apartment with Many Rooms

Designer from h2o Architectshave recently finished designing the interior of a modern apartment in the ski resort town of Menuires, France. The demand of the client was to remodel the existing design as a part of a building built in 1965 without changing the structure. Maximizing the provided space, the hard work of the team […]

Modern Apartment for Students Characterized in Dynamic Exterior

A modern apartment deliberately built for students has been designed by OFIS Architects in the city of beauty Paris, France. Sited in a very long and narrow space, the building stands in 11 m width and 200 m length extending along the street Des Petits Ponts which also role as a new Paris tram route. This […]

Magnificent Public Library Featuring Mountainously Spiraling Bookshelf

Designer from MVRDVhas recently finished a great architecture project of public library. The architecture is located Dutch town of Spijkenisse, Netherlands. The very character offered in this magnificent building is the mountainous book arranged in high spiraling-up bookshelf. It is a really breathtaking view to look at how neat these thousands books arranged. To provide […]

Modern House in Elegant Three Angle Prism Structure

Tham & VidegĂ„rd Arkitekterhas completed architecture project called Archipelago House which is located in the Swedish archipelago. The site is a flat area between two mountain rocks near the beach, providing a perfect natural venue to the house. Looked from the front, the house presented horizontal character marked in black stained exterior while whole building […]

Modern House Remodeling Accentuating in Minimalist Style

Transforming old house into modern residence, designer from CHAN Architecturehas recently completed renovation project plus extension on an existing house in Melbourne, Australia. The renovation along with extension is quite a challenging project as it transforms the existing building into a completely different residence with modern exterior marked in cubical form with large glass windows […]

Marvelous Apartment Building with Two Distinctive Characters

Designer from Camenzind Evolutionhave recently finished an apartment building called K.I.S.S. in Zurich, Switzerland. With close collaboration between the designer and the client Swiss Life, KISS is now stand gracefully with 46 individual 2.5-4.5 room maisonettes and flats. Appeared from the front, the building gives classic sense from its randomly arranged windows in different sizes. […]

Creative Cubes of Garage in a Mountain Side

These cubes of parking garage have been designed by Peter Kunz. The design may look simple in merely cube shape but where these cubes built is what matters. To catch the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, the garage cubes were embedded into the side of a mountain in Herdern, Switzerland. While the cube was […]

Modern Working Space Featuring Living Trees and Unique Desk Unit

Designer from OpenADhas recently finished this beautiful interior design called “Office Greenhouse” in Riga, Latvia. The idea is to create a green working space with natural environment thus the design involved the use of living trees as part of its interior. What make this design looks more interesting is the fact that the trees are […]

interior of Modern Minimalist House Built with Only Weekend Budget

Designer Sergey Makhnohas recently finished a remarkable work of architecture called Jack’s House. The exterior makes the building looks elegant as it is marked in simple concrete structure of two cubes. Each cube has its own character as the first cube was decorated in square plaster embroidered while the other one was attributed with wooden […]