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Exquisite Pavilion Characterized in Twisted Walls

Thanks to designer Emma Architectenwho has contributed in the new look at Fort Diemerdam in Amsterdam as she completed a new visitors pavilion and café called Paviljoen Puur. Standing on an open are with green surrounding, the pavilion looks extravagant yet beautiful. The twisted and curved walls give strong character to the whole architecture as […]

inside Vertically Developed Family Home Featuring Spiral Staircase

Designer Akihisa Hiratahas designed a unique house called Coil in a narrow site in Japan. Due to its narrow space, the development of the house is extending vertically with simple exterior design of basic rectangular shape. The very character of the house is marked with the existence of an immense twisted staircase leading to the […]

Exquisite House Characterized with Natural Stone Wall and Surrounded by Olive Trees

Designer Luca Zanarolihas recently completed an architectural work called Casa nel Bosco in a urban land surrounded by olive grove in Morciano di Leuca, Italy. The concept of the architecture is to integrate the new building with the existing natural venue of marked in calming olive trees. Thus the designer make use stone wall element […]

night view of Magnificent Tower Compiled of Wavy Iron Steels

In April 23, 2012 EASTERN Design Officehave completed a magnificent tower conveying the art and beauty – Tower of Ring in Tianjin, China. Unlike any other tower, Tower of Ring doesn’t convey power or preeminence, but provide a place for relax and admire the beautiful sky. The presence of the tower indeed is merely for […]

Stunning Architecture Featuring Sloped Roofs

Sky Courts building has recently been finished by Höweler + Yoon Architecture. The site is in a long plot are rich in traditional character in the city of Chengdu, China. Interpreting China typology, the design applied sloped roofs which at the same time giving contemporary touch to this traditional type building. Another character is shown […]

Stunning Redesigned Architecture Featuring Artistic Facade

Located at the underground station Schlump in Eimsbüttel district in Hamburg is a redesigned building with contemporary style called Schlump ONE designed by J. MAYER H. Architects. The redesign project includes devastating, renovating and also doing possible expansion to the previous building from 1950s. The result is a stunning architecture standing magnificently as an office […]

Modern Inflatable Bridge That Allows You to Bounce on It

Team designer of AZChas design a bridge plan to be installed across Seine River, Paris, France. The idea is to provide joyful path which also functions as modern pedestrian bridge. Hence, the bridge will be built in 30 meters in diameter consisting of three rings of inflatable trampoline. Each ring filled with 3700 cubic meters […]

Modern House Featuring Grass Roof Top Blending with Hillside Venue

The ADNfirm (Architecture of Novel Differentiation) has completed architecture work called Villa Topoject, a magnificent house standing on a hillside. Unlike other design whose relationship with surrounding is connected through transparent glass element, this house is finished in grass-covered roof top instead. Such design allows the architecture to blend with the natural plantation of the […]

Beautiful Modern Villa on the Steeped Terraces of a Hillside

Haus am Weinberg, an exquisite villa with modern features, as been designed by UNStudio. The architecture is located in the suburbs area capturing the venue between vineyard and cityscape of Stuttgart, Germany. The organization of the inner architecture is determined by the twist lead by a main staircase, creating a diagonal movement whose flow tags […]

interior of Exquisite Villa Redesigned from a Previously Historical Farmhouse

Amazing team work between Jérémie Koempgen Architecture and FUGAhas resulted in this exquisite design of Villa Solaire in Morzine, France. It is unbelievable that this fashionable villa was previously a farmhouse. The redesigning project brings the concept of country in the modern taste resulting in a modern villa without leaving the rural character of a […]