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Wonderful Ice Cream Shop Design Full of Imaginative Concept

Outside Oslo amusement park in Norway is standing a new ice cream shop that looks like an ice castle, both outside and inside. Thanks to Scenario Interior Architects who have designed the interior, creating an ice wonderland that will content kids’ imaginative mind. All wall-to-ceiling interior was designed in colorful décor representing all the ice […]

Glowing Bar at the Entrance of a Natural Cave

Work collaboration of designers Juan Manzanares Suárez and Cristian Santandreu Utermark of A2 Arquitectoshas resulted in a great architectural work combining natural with modern ambience of bar. Made of backlit glass with illumination from inside, the bar is glowing in blue/ green light which is contrast with natural rock color of the entrance to the […]

Modern House Developed from The Concept of Traditional Malay Residence

K2LD Architectshas completed a great architectural work called the Winged House. Located in Singapore, the residence is a ultra modern house with contemporary style and interior yet is built based on inspiration from beautiful traditional Malay architecture. The design can maintain the balance between modernity and closeness to the nature as there is a cosy […]

restaurant in Epic Hotel Interior Design with Original Eclectic Decor

Duo designers Fernando and Humberto Campanahave completed interior design of the NEW Hotel in Athens, Greece. The look of the interior indeed is unique if cannot be said as bizarre but somewhat beautiful. The concept of the interior design is to create an artistic environment employing ancient Athens motives in combination with modern objects. The […]

Comfortable and Pleasant Residence in Floating Concrete Structure

Casa Curato is the latest project completed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectoslocated in Zapopan, Mexico. It is a contemporary designed house standing in irregular shaped land with calm and green urban ambience. The idea is to develop a comfortable, practical and pleasant house, with fine allotment of spaces, circulations and the functional scheme of the house. […]

Ultra Minimalist Home Design in Cube Based Eexterior

It is designer Justin Chong who has designed this super minimalist home design that nobody else might never think about. Minimalist home design is not a new concept but Cube 2.0 sure is incredibly brilliant example of how one can transform the idea of simplicity and practicality into a complete unit of a dwelling with […]

Modern Beach House with Beautiful Natural Ambience

Architects from Tony Owen Architectshave recently completed a modern family house called the Kerr House in Sydney, Australia. As the house is located near the Tamarama beach, one of its features is to allow the inhabitants to enjoy the beautiful ambience of the beach from the house. Thus, the house is built in two levels […]

Unique Architecture with Extravagant Facade Shaped In Dragon Scales

Architects Lab Modushas finally completed architecture project of the Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. sited in 1200 square meter area at the primary spot of the city, this extravagant building design was inspired by the Chinese symbol of Luck and success: the dragon. That is why the architecture is designed having dragon […]

Luxurious Hotel Carved Into a Mountain Body

Oppenheimhas designed a great architecture project of a magnificent hotel plan in Wadi Rum, Jordan. This original design is to create a hotel resort using the body of the mountain itself as its architecture; that is to carve the building into the side of the mountain. Large glass windows in geometrical form will be an […]

Exquisite Villa Dressed in Natural Timber Element

Creative designer Egeon Architectenhas completed an architectural design project of a house on the Rieteiland-Oost Island in the IJburg residential development in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The strong character of the design is conveyed with natural element of timber wrapping the exterior of the house. Meanwhile, the interior is arranged in minimalist yet modern style with […]