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The 360 14th Street Building is 4 story mixed use building designed by a young emerging architecture Minervini Vandermark Architecture. It built to expand their design studio into 50’x50′ lot sits in the mid-block down a cobble street in the shadow of an iconic elevated ‘Viaduct’.

The East 11th Street Buildingis located in Austin, Texas, designed by Bercy Chen Studio. It is a three story multi-use building, each level has multiple non-orthogonal balconies with vines cascade from these spaces down the facades.

The Art Warehouse designed by A31 Architecture is a workshop built in Boeotia, Greece. It built in a 4000 m2 plot for a painter and sculptor Alexandros Liapis. The structure of the building is a shell and completed in three separate phases. It using reinforced concrete as material of the structures.

The interior of Union Swiss Office designed by Inhouse Brand Architects when the Union Swiss needed for a completely Eco-friendly office environment. The Union Swiss is a skincare company in Cape Town, South Africa which make and a global marketer of “bio-oil.”

The Price Tower is a skyscraper in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The building has nineteen of floors and the height is 221 foot. It is the only realized skyscraper by Wright, designed in 1952 and opened to the public in 1956.

The Mesa Laboratory is a laboratory research for National Center for Atmospheric Research which conducts collaborative research in atmospheric and Earth system science, atmospheric chemistry, encompassing meteorology, climate science, environmental and societal impacts, solar-terrestrial interactions and more. The building located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, near Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The Bank of China Tower is a skycrapers building in central Hong Kong, exactly at 1 Garden Road, in Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island. Designed by I. M. Pei(Ieoh Ming Pei), the winner of Pritzker Prize, it houses the headquarters for the Bank of China in Hong Kong.

The Gund Hall is a building by John Andrews at Havard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. the building used as architecture school. It using concrete and stell trusses as the construction system, makes a modern style on it. The building provide a stimulating environment in which to work(studio and office area for 500 students and more […]

The Austrian Postal Savings Bank is a building for Österreichische Postsparkasse(a postal savings bank in Austria, owned by the Austrian Mail and thus by the government) designed by Otto Wagner. It start the construction in 1904 and finish it in 1912. Located at Vienna, Austria, the building has an early modern style with reinforced concrete […]

The Emirates Office Tower is a the third tallest building located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The building has 54 floor and the height is about 354.6 m or about 1,163 ft and become 17th tallest building in the world.