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Cozy Office with Individual Glass Office Pods

This is an interesting office designed by Wasserfall Munting Architects, located on a narrow 1500m2 cul-de-sac property in the residential area of Klein Windhoek. This office is a remodeling from a house, using some elements of the old house to become this modern office building. The clients want to keep the immaculate garden, use of […]

entrance hall of Modern and Contemporary Office in White Interior

This is an office of ICADE that located in Munich, Germany. Designed by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects, they try to implement the company philosophy,”quality in everything we do,” on most of the interior. The entrance hall showing open character by the bright and elegant white color, give a sense of welcome to the guest. On […]

Unique Office Studio with Floor as The Office Table

This is an unique office of Taranta Creations that has unique floor leveling. Situated in a former metal factory this office has some difficulty to build a two floors office. It has short distance between the structure and ceiling. To resolve this, In the upper level they place the working station under the structure level, […]

Unique Office Building Like Sliced Pieces of Meat

This building is really interesting. Designed by Studio Nicoletti Associati, it looks like sliced pieces of meat. The difference is this building colored in white while meat is red. Used as an office, sales’ showroom and as a landmark for the new established urban centre development. The purpose is to reflect the spirit and the […]

stairs of Modern and Creative Office Interior in Classic Building

This is a modern office that designed from a historical 19th century buildings into a modern and creative office. Designed by Elding Oscarson, this No Picnic office is located in downtown Stockholm. Because it renovate the historical building, Oscarson must super meticulous even for creating a new screw hole. After the renovation, the building still […]

front view of Unusual Office Building in Wavy Form

This is an unusual office building that has a wavy form. Located in Seoul, South Korea, the GT Tower East is designed by Peter Couwenbergh and Edgar Bosman of ArchitectenConsort. The undulating glass facade give a new fascinating change to the angular architecture of the Korean capital. This 130-metre-high building has undulating glass facade formed […]

meeting lounge of Fresh and Modern Office Interior

This advertising agency office has modern and fresh interior design that designed by HASSELL. The main idea is to reflecting the core social and interactive nature of the way a creative agency works. To fill this, they create a layout that open, spacious and filled with natural light. They also create a communal gathering space […]

loby of Simple but Professional Office Interior Design

This is a simple but professional office interior designed by HASSELL. They want to simplify the project by using a limited number of key design features and materials to create a new workplace that embraces PPB’s core values of innovation, professionalism and teamwork. The design make and environment that become powerful tool to support their […]

brand garden of MTV Networks Headquarters Interiors Design

This is redesigned MTV Networks Headquarters interior design by Dan Pearlman. Their works including redesign reception, meeting and break room areas. The design is showing an “axis of inspiration” on the first floor from the northern to the southern facade. The spacious atrium designed for informal meetings, which can accommodate up to 250 employees. It […]

loby of Expressive Office Interior in Luxury and Warmth Design

This expressive office is designed by Source Interior Brand Architects wich looks as luxury, warmth and confidence place of work-environments. Tebfin’s office is located on top of a new hotel in a Johannesburg financial services company’s new corporate offices. It has breath-taking views of Sandton and focused on luxurious finishes, rich colors and textural contrast. […]