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Modular Dwelling System for Extra Room

David Ajasa-Adekunle has created a creative architectural design called Tetra Shed. It’s a piece of dwelling system that can be functioned home office, storage space, playhouse, art studio, workshop or an extra bedroom. Tetra shed is constructed from multiple sheds linked together, creating a stylish dwelling system with minimalist design. Interestingly, this piece can be […]

Meeting Room in Pumpkin Shape Construction

Inspired by Cinderella story in which the fairy transformed a pumpkin into a carriage, David Ho of edg Creativeshas designed a pumpkin room their office in Beijing, China. Functioned as brainstorming room and matching partition walls, pumpkin room is so called because it takes the unique shape of pumpkin. The material used for its partition […]

front view of Minimalist Working Space Made of Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Cabin

Recycling has been a smart idea as an attempt to keep the earth. Such concept has been brought by a Hungarian designer to create a working space made of unused body of an old bus produced by Hungarian bus manufacturers Ikarus. The office cabin is built by cutting the front part of the bus. The […]

back view of Writing Studio in Minimalist Design Featuring Element of Woods

  Cooper Joseph Studiohas completed a work of architecture to be functioned as working studio of a writer. The building is located in a rural site of Ghent, New York. The design is actually quite simple; the characteristic of the studio exterior is the domination of dark colors for its façade, featuring wide glass windows […]

Minimalist Office Interior Design Combining Two Companies into One

A minimalist office interior has been designed by ZEST Architecture. Interestingly, this office is purposively designed for two different companies: an architecture firm and an e-commerce business. Hence, the challenge is to provide large open space without losing the openness in limited area. Countering the demand, the architects smartly created a multifunction box that can […]

Small and Modern Studio on A Rocky Cliff with Ocean View

This is a studio building designed by Todd Saunderslocated on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. This studio situated on a rocky cliff near the coastline, offering a beautiful views of the North Atlantic ocean. Squish studio has a trapezium shape that looks like its back higher that its front from a distant view. Its interior and […]

Modern Office on Top of Warehouse Storage

This office is an extension for a warehouse storage building of Asona Benelux BV. The client ask an Amsterdam-based architecture, I Love Architecture, to maximize the storage space. The result is they create a modern office as an extension on top of the warehouse storage building, maximize the warehouse space and give an office that […]

Unique Office Building with Origami-inspired Facade

This is an office building designed by Manuelle Gautrand Architecturefor the French headquarters of the Barklays Capital Bank. Located within 200 metres from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. The facade is decorated with double skin of glass with pleated marble pattern that formed like origami. This facade used as a sun-screen in front […]

Mixed-use Building with Greening Effect on Carpark

This building is an offices, retail spaces and a carpark building located in Hong Kong and designed by Aedas. When you see this building, you will feels like the building is sliced and remains green trace on its wall. The client ask them to build efficient office floor plates and a rational box. The result […]

Modern and Futuristic Office in Blue Glowing Light

This is an unusual, modern and futuristic office that looks of Hidrosalud company, designed by Cuartopensante Arquitectura. Hidrosalud is a company operates in the water treatment industry. To make the office represent the company business, they create an office with glowing blue light theme that inspired by the nature of water itself in wild, dynamic […]