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front of Unusual and Unique House in Spiral Shape

This is an unusual house in Espoo, Finland, designed by Olavi Koponen. Named Kotilo (means seashell in Finnish) because its spiral shape that mimics a seashell. A fireplace placed at the center of the house, heats not only one room but the entire house. This house doesn’t have many windows on the outer side to […]

Modern and Natural House with Trees Planted Inside It

You will love this house, a house by ALTS Design Office that combines modern design with natural elements inside it. This house built in Shiga, Japan, with typical Japanese house design – simple, light and natural. To bring more natural element into the house, they create small gardens and planted various plants and trees. You […]

Compact and Low-cost House for A Small Family

This is a perfect house for a small family, a low-cost, compact, visually uncluttered house designed by Malboeuf Bowie Architecture. Greenwood House consist of two levels, the public spaces like dining, living, office and kitchen areas are located on the lower floor whiles private space of sleeping rooms located on second floor. With a 90 […]

Eco-Friendly and Modern House Inspired by Native American Pit House

This is an eco-friendly house designed by Bercy Chen Studio, a modern house that inspired by one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House. The Pit House design that adapted into green roof use earth’s mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year, allowing Edgeland House to stay cooler […]

Modern House with Big Open Views Trough Glass Wall

Located on a newly established island at IJburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this house brings both privacy and openness for the owner. Rieteiland House is designed by Hans van Heeswijk Architects with perforated horizontal aluminium panels on the street side and glass sheets and sliding doors on the waterside. The panels on the street side can […]

Simple Black and White House with Odd Position

  Fabi Architekten have designed this simple and modern house with unusual position. It located on a site of a former guard house in Wenzenbach, Germany. This house consists of two building volumes, one is a white flat roof box and the other one is a black building placed on top of the white one […]

entrance of Unique and Colorful House Inspired by Lollipop Candy

This is a unique house designed by MoonHoon located at Giheung-Gu, South Korea. This 1,110 square foot residence has a unique and colorful look that inspired by lollipop candy. Designed for single family , this house consists of seven levels that connected by stairs which wrap around an interior void. It has exterior design and […]

front view of Cool and Peaceful House with Optical Glass Facade

Optical Glass House is located in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP. This house is one of my favorite, you can see at the pictures how cool and peaceful inside this house even though this house located downtown in a city. To achieve the peaceful atmosphere and also privacy, they place a garden […]

Remarkable House Facing the Infinite Natural Landscape

House of the Horizon is a remarkable architecture project finished by Jesus Aparicio Architecture. Located in a quite environment of Salamanca, Spain, the house stands in the highest part of a hill, offering a peaceful view of infinite horizon from any direction. Developed in horizontal outline, the design of the house emphasize on highlighting the […]

Contemporary Minimalist House in Concrete Cube Frame

Ken Architekten has completed architectural project located in Moriken, Switzerland called the Findling house. The concept of whole project is minimalist contemporary style that the house is developed in cube shape with concrete as the main material for its exterior body. The cube house has two sections of façade: one is facing the road and […]