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Who needs a big house for a perfect holiday when you can have this lovely cabin. UFOGEL is a small wooden cabin with unusual architecture that brings the beautiful nature from outside to inside. Description by UFOGEL: Explore the difference in our house-UFOGEL in Nußdorf / Debant near Lienz in East Tyrol!Our exclusive and bizarre […]

This is a modern and minimalist summer house designed by John Robert Nilsson. It located near Stockholm, Sweden with a beautiful view of the sea trough its glass walls. But the most interesting part for me is the square space located outdoor. Installed bellow the floor level, this space has sofa with fireplace in the […]

This is a single family house in Quebec, Canada, designed by naturehumaine. This L-shaped house provides a vast view to the lake which allows the occupants to enjoy theirs time in the house. Description by naturehumaine: After selling their previous country house because of the lack of natural light, a couple and their 3 kids […]

This is a beautiful work of Studio Farris, an old farmhouse which redesigned into a comfortable, modern and energy conscious family home. Studio farris was commissioned the project of a farmhouse, typical for the region of brabant, located in an agricultural area close to brussels, in order to convert it into a comfortable, modern and […]

This is a redesigned old house by Pitsou Kedem in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel. This historic building converted into a residence with contemporary and modern touch, creating the feel of living in two different time. Description from Pitsou Kedem: The language of minimalism imbedded in a historic residence in Old Jaffa. The 180 square […]

This is a modern house designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design located in Singapore. This house provides a beautiful open space in the center of the house, a large grassed courtyard with a hundred year old frangipani tree and surrounded by water. The owner wanted external blank walls. Then talk continued to fixed screens. Centre […]

This is a modern but eco-friendly house designed by New Theme. It provides natural ventilation for the air flow, solar photovoltaic panels for the electric and other features to make it really “green.” Description from New Theme: The design for this two-story house emerged from the site constraints, program and view. The shape and orientation […]

This is a house for a family of five, designed by Plasma Studio. This house has unusual angular-shaped exterior that looks like a crown of the house. It makes this house looks different than the other houses. Description from Plasma Studio: This project was conceived to fulfill a two-part problematic: (1) Residence Alma–a Tyrolean guest […]

FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects have designed this narrow house in Shiga, Japan. With only 2.7 meters of wide, this house can show a great integration between each element in the house. This is a nice solution due to the high prices for houses and land. The project is for the house owned by a young couple […]

This is a stunning lake house by Gluck+ for visitors who want to forget their stress from their daily life. Some of this house are buried into the hillside, make it looks like a part of nature. Inspired by the tradition of Adirondack Great Camps, this modern family retreat is an escape nestled into a […]