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interior of Modern Minimalist House Built with Only Weekend Budget

Designer Sergey Makhnohas recently finished a remarkable work of architecture called Jack’s House. The exterior makes the building looks elegant as it is marked in simple concrete structure of two cubes. Each cube has its own character as the first cube was decorated in square plaster embroidered while the other one was attributed with wooden […]

Excellent House for A Simple Modern Lifestyle

A new elegant residence called Ridge Road residence has been completed by StudioFour. The site is a steep slope featuring a single tea tree located on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Realizing the clients demand to separate the public and private zones of the residence, the residence has amazingly constructed with large use of glass […]

Marvelous House Featuring Concrete Exterior and Glass Covering

A marvelous house standing in Costa d’en Blanes in Mallorca, Spain has been finely designed by SCT Estudio de Arquitectura. Previously, in this long narrow plot there was an old building which is the demolished and replaced by this marvelous building. The design is very well characterized by the use of concrete frame structure built […]

Magnificent Home Renovation Optimizing the Long-Narrow Facade

Australian architect Matt Gibsonhas recently finished home renovation of the Nicholson Residence in Melbourne, Australia. The idea is to provide a more engaging living space with the surrounding as well as optimizing the long narrow space in the front part of the building. To meet both purposes, the designer has smartly employed extensive use of […]

upper level of Modern Home Renovation Focusing On Vertical Development

  Keiji Ashizawahas designed the project renovation of the Skycourt House in Tokyo, Japan. The idea is to transform a Japan “bubble era” house into a modern residence connected to the city and the sunlight. Located in a quiet residential area, the residence is developed vertically to optimize the living space. To connect the house […]

Elegant House Dominated in Beautiful White and Green Combination

Elegantly finished is the Shakin Stevens House designed by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design. The house stands gracefully in a part of Melbourne, Australia. Color is an important character to the design, though the design itself has already contributed much detailed character that I must admit is beautiful. Constructed in cube character, the residence is […]

Elegant Residence Marked in Stripe Walls of Cubical Exterior

  GAAGA Studiofor Architecture has recently finished a house called the Stripe House in Leiden, The Netherlands. The residence stands elegantly in the urban planning area Nieuw Leyden (phase V). In this private area, clients can develop their own house according to their own style and preference. Stood on a small corner plot near to […]

Exquisite Residence Emphasizing on its Bound with the Natural Landscape

Fray León house is a brilliant residence as a result of 57STUDIOwork project. The building is located in a district of Santiago, Chile. The site is an ‘H’ shaped plant adapted to the lot with green surrounding featuring well-cared trees. Interestingly, the designer makes use the presence of the trees as a part of design […]

Nomaden House That Can Walk in Human Pace

Wysing Arts Centre of Cambridgeshire has collaborated with N55 to construct a smart dwelling system that can move by itself. The idea is to provide a living space nomaden with advanced technology features. The design is called the Walking House as the construction is equipped with six legs to walk in human pace. Constructed in […]

Modern House in Canyon Highland for a Family with Kids

Beautifully designed is the Emigration Canyon Residence by Sparano + Mooney Architecture. The main emphasize of the design is to capture the surrounding canyon view since the residence is located in Emigration Canyon on the highland of the Salt Lake City, Utah. The residence is also purposely built for a couple with children as it […]