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Designed by Simon Woodroffe, this apartment has hidden features that will amaze you. It consist of one multi-functional room, and a bathroom of course, that can be used for almost anything. When you enter this apartment, you will be greeted with only living space in the room. But don’t worry, if you want to sleep […]

Who says that small apartment is not comfortable? This 13 square meters apartment, for example, offers a comfortable dwelling space in a big city that has limited spaces. It was designed by Szymon Hanczar, to create a small apartment that easy to take care but still gives comfort and functionality to the occupants. Despite the […]

Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura, this house was built to create a comfortable house that works with the surroundings. The tepee tent shape, a cone shape of traditional tent, allows the house to have a high ceiling to let the direct sunlight in, uses less energy to heat or cool it, and mingles with trees around […]

This is a unique house designed by Allen Jack+Cottier. This house was built from a two level inner city Sydney warehouse, converted into a comfortable private residence with something interesting inside it, a cave that looks like a sculpture. This cave is no ordinary cave either. Inside this cave you can find a sleeping space, […]

These are amazing suites by Natura Vive, hotel suites that hanging off the side of a mountain located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. To reach these suites, you need to climb or hike trough steel ladder and zip lines. These things are built for people with no experience in climbing mountain, so for […]

This is a unique house designed by MVRDV. Maybe you already guessed what thing that makes this house unique. Yes! The facade. This house has several kinds of facade, from traditional brick walls to modern glass walls. The more awesome thing is that this house is located on the river Vecht in the Netherlands between […]

Have you ever imagine to have a meeting outdoor, surrounded by trees with the warm of sun touching your skin. It will make some boring or dreaded meeting become an amazing experience. TREExOFFICE was created by Natalie Jeremijenko in collaboration with artists Shuster + Moseley, architects Tate Harmer and briefing architects Gensler. Don’t you worry […]

Designed by Moon Hoon, this private cultural center building has a unique and beautiful design with moon and stars carved into it. Two moon consists of two buildings that hold the cultural center as well as a coffee shop and gallery. The buildings are divided by the passage way that allows the guest to enter […]

This is an amazing hotel concept by Salt & Water. It consists of central floating construction and several rooms or apartments connected by the pathway. The amazing thing is that these apartments is actually a catamaran. It can be detached from the main building to wander around on the water. You can sail it to […]

This contemporary house was designed by PHOOEY Architects with a surrealist technique called “Cubomania,” a technique that catalog, re-use and re-invent the demolished building materials. The result is amazing. The exposed bricks creates an interesting pattern all over the place, creating a natural-looking exterior that contrast with the contemporary interior. The materials from demolished building […]