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This is a house designed by Modscape, an extreme house that clings to the side of a cliff. They took the idea from the way of barnacles cling to the hull of a ship. The result is a house that looks like a natural extension of the cliff, not something addition that just sitting on […]

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this house is designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects to brings trees back to the city. Each building acts as “pot” that hold the trees as well as accomodates different activities. More description by Vo Trong Nghia Architects: Under rapid urbanization, cities in Vietnam have diverged far away […]

This is a building renovation by Víctor Díaz Paunetto, a renovation to convert old abandoned building into a school room. The interesting part for me is the facade that made of rusty and perforated steel. This facade has a pattern which derived from the abundant and extensive bamboo hedges, creating a sunscreen with shadow like […]

This is a unique office building designed by heri&salli. This building is made of wood with unusual exterior that reveal the beams parts. Comes with gym, swimming pool, and climbing wall, the employees can enjoy theirs “work time” which means both working and exercising. More description by heri&salli: The architect’s office heri&salli from Vienna designed […]

This is an office building designed by CAAN Architecten. This building located on the small corner site which provides the building two fronts to use. To maximize the use of these fronts, they designed the building with container-shaped volumes. Each volumes has one open front that facing different directions. This way the building has different […]

Designed by MLPR Architects, this house looks unusual from the front. It looks like collapsed building or massive slab growing out of the earth. The design is inspired by traditional Danish house that have gabled roof. By extending one side of the roof, they create this interesting and unusual design. more description by MLPR Architects: […]

This is a modern house by nextoffice, a house that has wonderful rotating rooms. These rotating rooms allows the owners to change the moods inside the house. They can change the light, add more spaces, showing extra views, and other things. More description by nextoffice: Uncertainty and flexibility lie at the heart of this project’s […]

Designed by 2by4-architects, this small house designed as a recreational house where the owner can enjoy their day off in a relaxing way. The glass walls give a maximum view of the beautiful lake around it. These walls also create a sensation that the lake is part of the house itself. Small but cozy, this […]

Designed by Max Pritchard Architects, this house has modern design with unique sculptural accent in some place. The front roof for example, has an unusual design that split into two and creating a unique view of the house. More description by designer: A relaxed house set in a leafy suburban street opens to a north […]

This is a unique art structure designed by Michael Jantzen as a special place in which to retreat from the norm. It has a unique structure with hinges that allows it to be folded to reveal the scenery outside. More description by Michael Jantzen: The Shape Shifting M-Velope is one in a series of functional […]