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This is a smart and useful design by Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB), a compact box that can be opened to serves as a book exchange and an urban marker in the town. It was built in the town of Newmarket, Ontario and located adjacent to riverside walking trail. Two of the walls open like the […]

If you like collecting figurines and other toys, you will love this apartment. This apartment is designed by KC Design Studio for a couple that collect toy figures as a hobby. If you live in this apartment, you can be proud both of your apartment and your collection. Photos by Sam Siew Shien

This hostel is a perfect place for you who love to read books. It was designed by Japanese firm Suppose Design Office based on an unusual but interesting concept. With over 1,700 titles of books and comics available to read, you won’t have an easy-to-sleep experience but you will have an experience of falling asleep […]

This is a renovation of small 400 square foot apartment by Michael K Chen Architecture. The interesting part of this apartment is that it has a multifunction cabinet that hold most of the things needed by the occupants. From this cabinet, the occupants can get a bed, a nightstand, a closet, a home office, a […]

This office is an amazing transformation from once a historic listed boat house, a house where they repair boats, into an amazing architecture firm office. This renovation was made by 3XN for themselves to accommodate their staff and allow them to see and interact with each other. The glass walls that faced into the canal […]

A chocolate shop maybe an ordinary thing. But what if the ceiling has melting chocolate? I will call it a great dedication. Unfortunately (and fortunately of course!) this is not a real melting chocolate. Arnau Architecture Studio renovated an old building to be a heaven for chocolate lovers, a sweet dream of Jordi, the chocolate […]

If most chapels has an ornate and sometimes classic design, this chapel by Gerhard Sacher from Sacher.Locicero.Architectes is different in many ways. Stands on the middle of grassland in Zollfeld, Austria, with the views of Magdalensberg hill and the Hochosterwitz castle, this chapel looks like a building from the other world. The minimalist and clean […]

Designed by Ĺ ebo Lichy Architects, this modern house was built on a steep slope site in Bratislava, Slovakia. The interesting part about this house is that it has a garden that located on the second floor on top of the garage. This way the garden and garage, which usually situated side by side, can be […]

Designed by a21studio, this house is inspired by narrow alleyways in Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) which confusing but have a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Like the real alleyways, Saigon House has a narrow space with high walls that allow only a shaft of sunlight to light it for most of the day. This way, this […]

Designed by Simon Woodroffe, this apartment has hidden features that will amaze you. It consist of one multi-functional room, and a bathroom of course, that can be used for almost anything. When you enter this apartment, you will be greeted with only living space in the room. But don’t worry, if you want to sleep […]