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Designed by 2by4-architects, this small house designed as a recreational house where the owner can enjoy their day off in a relaxing way. The glass walls give a maximum view of the beautiful lake around it. These walls also create a sensation that the lake is part of the house itself. Small but cozy, this […]

Designed by Max Pritchard Architects, this house has modern design with unique sculptural accent in some place. The front roof for example, has an unusual design that split into two and creating a unique view of the house. More description by designer: A relaxed house set in a leafy suburban street opens to a north […]

This is a unique art structure designed by Michael Jantzen as a special place in which to retreat from the norm. It has a unique structure with hinges that allows it to be folded to reveal the scenery outside. More description by Michael Jantzen: The Shape Shifting M-Velope is one in a series of functional […]

A tower to protects three princess. Designed by Marte Marte, Maiden tower is an unusual building consists of a common room on the ground level and three bedroom, one on each floor. The exterior decorated with rustic steel cladding, an unusual material to use. More description by Marte Marte: What could match the massive presence […]

This is an unusual forest house designed by Konrad Wojcik. It inspired by the functionality and structure of a tree. This design allows it to be built on forest with almost no footprints, it means no deforestation and environmental friendly. More description by Konrad Wojcik: The aim was to design a structure that would not […]

This is a modern house in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, designed by MOON HOON Architects. This house house is built on a long and thin site with a view of mountain. More description by MOON HOON Architects: One day, a young and energetic couple paid visit to my office. A rush to the site against the heavy […]

This is a house designed by Yazgan Design Architecture, a futuristic-looking house with stunning light effects. It located on top of a hill with a beautiful view of Turkey’s capital city of Ankara. Both from inside and outside you can see how this house looks beautiful, unique and eccentric. More description by Yazgan Design Architecture: […]

This is a house designed by Igarashi Architects called Case House. It looks simple on the outside with clad that get smaller in height as they get closer to the ground. But when you enter the house, you can see that it looks fun with curving staircases. These staircases connect wooden loft-like floors that spread […]

This is a music agency building designed by Moon Hoon and located in the corner of a street in South Korea. This building has unusual shape with its curve wall, giving a spacious display to both sides of the street in one continual whole. On the rooftop you can find a space for parties. More […]

This is a town house renovation by Pierre Antoine Compain. The main feature of this house is located in the central axis of the house. The opening in the center with glass floor on the lower floor allows both horizontal and vertical panoramic views. MOre description by Pierre Antoine Compain: As part of the renovation […]