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Designed by a Canadian design studio, UrbanProduct, the Dune Wall Treatment are made from local materials such as concrete, wood, or ceramic. Each tile has 8″ square and rise 1″.7/8ths from the applied surface.

The Rye Straw Screen is Another Limited Edition piece of screen by farm21. This screen made from panels of laminated rye straw in resin and acrylic, used as a space divider or sculpture in its own right.

This unique lamp designed by enPieza! studio. Inspired by hangman games, it made of electric wire and iron treated against corrosion. Designed in 2007, it has a little scary form.

The Outsider Lamp is an indoor and outdoor lamp designed by Jacco Maris. The lamp using powder-coated steel material for the pedestal and the arched frame. For the shade, it using cast aluminium.

Used for air plants (Tillandsia), this hanging air plant pods designed by Michael McDowell after he discovering that tillandsias will not survive in standing water and if water pools in their leaves it can harm them.

This lamps designed by designer Tian Zhen to ‘bring the Swan to life.’ It is a simple lamp made from sheets of Tyvek paper which folded and sewn together. For the stands it using slim wooden, and for the base it using delicated leather.