Custom made wall art is a great choice to decorating house, the owner can easily choose right style for the rooms and have the chance to match the decor instead of searching the things which can find in the stores and trying to match it into the room. The custom made wall art can be used to match shades in furniture or rug in a room, or used to inject a touch of whimsy into the design styles. It is no need to have a rampant creative streak to create the custom made wall art. The owners can take their basic ideas to someone who specializes in custom art, and then let them run with the idea, incorporating the owner’s needs with their creative flair, coming up with a one of a kind look for the house.

The costs for creating custom made wall art is depending on the size of the piece, the medium, the materials, and how complex the design is. Stenciling on the walls won’t put too large costs, but creating intricate mural such as a big beautiful scene of mountains will be costs a lot of money. Make sure to hire right person, don’t be erring on the side of “cheap” over “capable.” To decrease the costs, the other option is to do the work by self. There are some basic projects wich can finished even by inexperienced people. For example, words can painted using pre-printed phrases, simply press on the wall and peel back the paper. The other method to create custom made wall art by stenciling.

To create custom made wall art, there are some method:

  • Paintings: This method give freedom to create anything on the walls, from a lovely portrait of the house to modern or abstract style.
  • Murals: Murals gives a great scene on the room, moving the rooms into great place such as Tahitian beach to Great Barrier Reef on Australia. Hire a professional is a best choice to do the mural works, unless you are confident in your abilities.
  • Stenciling: Stenciling is an easy choice and can incorporate images and words. Craft stores and paint stores are a right place to find loads of options for stencils, but create it by self is another choice to get custom stencils.
  • Metal Art: The Metal Art is a unique choice for the house. It has many type, from metal sculpture to whole pieces of sheet metal with designs punched into it. This method can work in everything style from contemporary style design to log cabin style design.

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