To build and renovate a bathroom, there are some basic rule to build it. First, the bathroom must guarantees the privacy of the user and also the construction must be strong. Second, it must be comfortable for the user. And the last one, it should be easily accessible by all people on the house. There are also some additional requirment to makes the bathroom more comfortable and healty such as what device should be used in the bathroom, the air traffic system, floor and wall patterns, colors bathroom, accessories, and the other things.

Here is some tips to makes the bathroom more comfortable:

  1. Make sure if the bathroom has good air circulation. The air should be not trapped inside the bathroom. The ventilation should be directed into outside the house, don’t make it directed into inside the house.
  2. Choose the door and the glass with high quality. It makes the door and the glass more lasting.
  3. Place some flowers or perfumes in the corner of the bathroom to create fresh atmosphere inside.
  4. For small bathroom, the light should be bright enough to give clean and healthy impression.
  5. Use smooth ceramic tile for the wall, smooth ceramic tile is easier to clean. For the floor, use more rugged ceramic tile. Don’t using dreary colors to avoid the dirty impression.
  6. Install railing or handle near the shower to keep elderly people and children save.
  7. The minimum tilt of the floor should be two percent toward the water drainage (floor drain).
  8. Don’t using acid to clean the floor. Keep green for the environment.

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