This cool wall-mounted bar cabinet was designed by Splinter Works. It has panels that fan out to close the cabinet and create an image of spinning coin. When it is not used, it will become an unusual decoration for your room. And when you want some drinks, just open it and choose your favorite beverage. More description by Splinter Works:

Dime is a dynamic piece evoking a spinning coin. The individual curved segments, glide and shuffle to reveal its function. When closed it has a poetic repetition of form, softened by the texture of rosewood. Upon opening, the curved segments have a pleasing resistance, each contracting evenly until fully opened. The edges of the rosewood leaves are painted in a high gloss which highlights their shape. The playful form allows the user to hide or reveal the worktop and storage solutions. Hidden electricity points enable the use of appliances, with shelving and a curved drawer for storage. The worktops are made of black and gold Italian Portoro marble. The door handles are made of cast steel and directly echo the shape and design of the whole piece.

Dime can be installed individually or as a group and can function in myriad ways, a sculptural cocktail cabinet, additional worktop space for preparing food, a self contained coffee station, a home admin desk, or a beautiful discrete flexible work pod.

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