Designed by Studio Fabien Barrero+Carsenat, Phare de forêt reminds me of a lighthouse, providing a light source and guiding people who use it. With its simple design, this lamp is perfect for your modern and contemporary interior. The body is made of Oak, Beech or Ash wood while the top is made of hand-shaped ceramic. More description by Studio Fabien Barrero+Carsenat:

Phare de forêt is a tower giving a bright signal. This lamp is designed to provide a light source reaching the desk top or table top. It allows to illuminate superficialy the surface (to write or to read for example).Nevertheless, it may as well be placed next to a sofa or in the angle of a room. It comes in three local woods: Oak, Beech or Ash. The top hat is made of ceramic hand shaped.

Woods and clay for ceramic, come from France. Production of parts is made in France, handled by craftsmen into small manufactures. This project is centered on collaborations with workshops using old fashion skills. The interest is to enhance the ancestral gestures in a contemporary production. Those persons offers flexibility and knowledge sought in limited series. Each piece is worked in a unique way. Wood pieces are selected by hand in the respect of the ressources.

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