Using today’s popular technology, LED strip, Dennis Parren created a unique and colorful lamp that was inspired by colorful jellyfish. He tried to use the LED strip differently, which usually placed hidden from sight, by showing the LED strip instead. The result is this unique lamp with colorful tentacles that will make your room looks really interesting. You can see the video here. More description by Dennis Parren:

LED technology has been a revolution for the light industry. A very popular, mass produced and cheap product is the LED strip, most often seen hidden away behind panels or underneath surfaces. We wanted to do something different with it, showing that there are other ways to use such a great product.

The Dotted Lamp uses the LED strip to show that it can be transformed into a delightful, simple and elegant lamp. In this case the design was inspired by the colourful an freely floating, dreamy jellyfish, a marvel of nature.

Next to being light and colourful in it’s design, it is made to be a “plug ‘n play” lamp that uses a simple 3D printed frame in which you can simply click the LED strip to make it work.

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